Why still popups?

I have a new Dell Dimension 4600. Came with MIE, of course. I installed the yahoo toolbar, then ended up installing the google bar as well. Both have “popup blockers” included. From day one, I can’t hardly surf because of the blizzard of popups. Both blockers are on, but you know where you go and see how many popups they’ve blocked? they both say ZERO. Any suggestions?

If you’re running Windows XP or one of the other flavors of NT, chances are these are Windows Messenger popups. Normal popup blockers will not affect these. To rid yourself of these pests, you will need to disable the Windows Messenger Service. There is an example of what these popups look like. If yours look like this, then follow the step on the page to disable it.

Well. Could be a lot of things - I can’t speak for the reliability of either pop-up blocker personally.

However : Adware - unwanted pop-ups may be originating from something buried on your machine, not your browser. AOL Instant Messenger has, for instance, a buried program called Viewpoint Media Player.

Beyond that, the best pop-up remedy I know is Mozilla.

I am not an expert, but I once had a big problem with popups whenever I had a p2p program running on my computer. If you’re running one of those, it could be the culprit.

You might also try running Spy-Bot and Ad-Aware (both available for free online) as they can help eliminate this kind of problem.

“Popuppopper” is a free download that kills everything I’ve run into. It allows you to permanently block ALL popups from any site, which is helpful when you tend to cruise the same sites a lot.

And if this is the case then you should also activate the WinXP firewall or install ZoneAlarm or something similar. You won’t Windows Messenger popups if the firewall is blocking all of the Windows networking stuff from the internet.

Receiving Windows Messenger popups is a good sign that your firewall is not active under WinXP.

And I second the motion:
Use Mozilla or Firefox instead of IE.

Agreed. Though, in my opinion (and experience) XP’s built-in firewall sucks rocks, even if it is better than nothing. I heartily recommend ZoneAlarm. I use it myself on my XP Pro box.

Yah. Rocks and great big green donkey d…

It is just good enough for you to get online and download something better.

If all the windows are grey and have an “Ok” button in the middle, it’s the Windows Messenger service running. You can turn it off under Services in the Control Panel -> Admin Tools, but it’s better to just turn on the ICF.

If they’re coming from the site you’re visiting, then uninstall one of the toolbars, 'cause they’re conflicting with each other. (Never heard of that happening, but it might happen)

If they’re coming up on sites that shouldn’t have popups (google.com, um… ok, I’ve used Firefox and Mozilla so long I forget which pages have popups anymore. But anyhow…) then you’ve got adware/spyware on your machine. See the sticky at the top of the forum about computer questions, or go to http://www.microsoft.com/spyware/ and check out the links. (It’ll recommend AdAware, Spybot, PestPatrol, etc).

Use Mozilla or Firefox.

It made everything easier.

Hmm. Installed PopupPopper and Spyware Blaster; still getting popups almost every link.

Stop using the only browser on the market that hasn’t come up with an inherent way of blocking the things. The solution is so desperately simple, free and repeated in this thread that if you fail to use it, you’re getting what you asked for.

I will say it again. Download firefox (free) or opera (not free). It will dramatically change and enhance your websurfing experience. Even the US governemnt does not recommend IE and prefers people to use a more “safe” browser.

But they won’t help you if you’ve got spyware on your computer.

Adaware and spybot are your friends.

You might also try the Cleaner. It works wonders on stubborn trojans and spyware. You can download a 30 day trial version, which should last long enough to fix your problem. Once you’ve gotten rid of the crap, you can use one of the alternative browsers mentioned in this thread.

The only valid use I can think of for IE is going to the MS page to download updates for your system. Other than that, you are better off with something that blocks popups by itself and that doesn’t invite spyware into your PC.

Yes, IE can be locked down to be secure against spyware and crap. Nobody does it, though. Why should they? There are better alternatives out there.

That’s all great but did you try what Q.E.D. asked you to do in the first reply to this thread?

I’ve just gone through a hellish couple of weeks removing malware from my home computer. My specific problem was a home page hijack with tons of popups, but if you have only popups then it might be a bit easier to get rid of.

Download Ad-Aware. (if you already have it, click the Check For Updates button to make sure you have the latest definitions).
Download Spybot. (ditto on the updates)
Download CWShredder.

Then restart in Safe Mode (tap the F8 key while rebooting; use the arrow keys to select Safe Mode).
Run Ad-Aware, Spybot, and CWShredder.
Restart normally.

If you still have problems, download HijackThis, and post the resulting scan in the SpywareInfo Forums. The people there are inundated with requests for help, but if you are patient they are very helpful. You can learn a lot just by reading the responses they’ve given to other people to solve their problems. NOTE: Be careful with HijackThis – if you “fix” things you shouldn’t, you could really mess up your computer, so just run a scan and ask for advice.

I’ve switched to Mozilla Firefox for my Browser. I like it better than IE, although there are certain web sites that still require IE (and Windows Update uses IE).

To help prevent future problems, make sure you have a good virus scanner enabled and updated frequently. (I’ve just switched from Norton to Avast! (which is free!, and it caught viruses that Norton missed.)

Here is an article on how to tweak the security settings in IE if you don’t want to switch browsers.

Good luck.