OK, I just got rid of my guilt.

I have been an on/off member for several years now. I spend most of my online time here, lurking and learning and laughing.

So I fessed up the $20 USD with (I think) auto-renewal. I am no hero and lurk way more than I participate, but want to see the SDMB continue into the near future. I am sure it will.

Twenty dollars is chump change for me most times. I have ad-blockers enabled so could not contribute in that way, so time to pay it forward.

Just my 2 cents. PEACE. And if I post while slightly inebriated call me out on it. :smiley:


Your efforts are appreciated.

Have some more wine.

Naaah ---- I just play it like a version of “Hi Bob” and have a drink every time I come across a drunk-post. Its more fun that way.

Of course to my way of thinking EVERY post here is a potential drunk-post so ------------- :wink:

I’ve posted after more than a few, and folks here have generally been kind to me about it. :smiley:

Gabba gabba, we accept you, we accept you, one of us!

I just renewed my custom title for a couple years. $14. Will do membership again around January.

Some of my best posts have been when I’ve been too drunk to fish, this not being one of them.

There is no recurring membership at this time … but I hope to change that a little further down the road, for your convenience.

your humble TubaDiva

Yeah, I renewed too when I read the “Ways To Improve…” thread. It’s the least I can do. I like this place and appreciate the work a lot of guys put into it to have it run (more or less) smoothly year after year.

Thanks for letting us know.

I was foremost addressing **Tuba **and the mods, letting the former know that her thread regarding the financial situation actually led to action from some (as I think many started to subscribe because of her reaching out, but few mention it, and think it is often good to let people who step out there and take initiatives know that what they did actually made a difference, however small); and I also took the opportunity to thank the mods because they generelly do a great job on their spare time, which is crucial for my enjoyment of this site. I was not addressing the “us” you represent, GrandWino, whoever that may be.

I just realised that you, GrandWino, perhaps didn’t reply to my particular post. If that is the case, I beg your pardon.

Yes, my bad. It was for my “local” PBS TV station. It would be nice to have auto-renewal but I realize you have bigger fish to fry. Thanks for taking care of us peons. :smiley:

Thank you for contributing!

I’d like to find a way to have it be an option, something you could turn on if you liked and refuse if you don’t. Can’t do that currently. I can make it recurring but it’s a global option and I don’t think that would go over well except perhaps from a few Charter Member types.

Which reminds me: I’m going to start the Charter Member resubscription drive Monday and it’ll run until Labor Day. Watch for the announcement!

your humble TubaDiva

<~~~~ keeping an eye out for this announcement.

They will have to pry my Charter membership from my cold dead hands!

And since the Straight Dope now uses retina scan recognition software, they’re going to have to mutilate me a little bit to use it. :eek:

I also just ponied up for a year’s member subscription, and a healthy FOC contribution. It’s not chump change to me, but I love this board and would really like to see it continue, thrive, and grow. Therefore, anything I can to to help, I’ll do it.

Color me Clueless. What is FOC? (and does it come with a certificate I can show off to potential members?). Also, I went to a local t-shirt shop and had a couple of “SMDB - Fighting Ignorance Since 1973” front and back. Hope I don’t violate some copyright laws, just trying to recruit the unwary. I think I have at least a few tourists here asking about it. They were all from the Chicago area. Global expansion is difficult! :cool:`

Fried of Cecil.

Did you mean SMBD? :wink:

:smack: SDMB. I am not as dumb as I look.

Fried Cecil? I think I will pass.
Speeling misktakes seem to be prevalent tonight. I blame the moon, or this pesky cat under the desk nibbling my toes.

Or both, take your pick. :rolleyes: