OK. I now know what the word "Fiend" means. With newslink.

Starting this in the Pit, just because.
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The boy is dead.

I’ve never been so chilled by an act of murder before. The smirking, inhuman cruelty of this killer is beyond belief.

This struck me so hard.

Sounds like there may be more to this story. On the otherhand fucked up shit happens everyday. What got to you about this one? Do you live in the area?

There’s a lot of that going on lately:

A couple of days ago in the Uptown area of Minneapolis, a man and his mom (with two friends) were walking to their car after dinner. Two men approached and demanded the mom’s purse. After she handed it to them, they shot her son anyway. He died yesterday. They’re still at large.

I have a question that, while not directly on topic, relates to the big picture surrounding these types of threads.

I guess what I am wondering is if you knew the people in this story or if they were in some way connected to you interpersonally. More to the point, when posters start threads like this I am very curious about the process. Are you looking around for things to horrify you? Does it just come up while you are checking out the news and you feel compelled to share? Basically, I really don’t get it.

This is not to say that I am hardhearted, but as a rule I tend to not really feel outrage about terrible things happening unless the scale is massive (think (9/11 or Genocide or things of that nature) or unless the terrible thing is in some way connected to me (like a friend or relative or the event happening in my neighborhood).

So, I guess that I want some clarification about these threads. I had actually started a thread some time ago about this but think that it is worth bringing up again, as I remain mystified about their point

Well, I live outside Nashville, not in it.

But that somebody would walk up to a house, target a kid, & just kill him, while turning the act of murder into a sick joke, makes me cold, & sick inside.

Finally we get an answer to the burning question: Where’s Bosda? :smiley:

If this happened in your neck of the woods I understand the Pitting. What I and some ohers were alluding to was Pit threads (not this one) where people just post random atrocities and say “Can you believe this?”. You have a conection to this story so you get no whining from me about your thread.

As to the story, well it seems like there is some posible illegal activity be it drugs or something else. This looks like payback, not random killing. Not that it makes killing the kid less horrific, but just that people not involved in shady shit may not have as much to worry about. It doesn’t appear to be some random serial killer going after kids.

I get where you’re coming from. Of course I’m saddened and perplexed by this kind of behavior…who wouldn’t be? But if I posted regarding every senseless murder (i.e., all of them) that’s all I’d ever do. I assume we’re all saddened and perplexed. No need to underline the horror of senseless murder.

The real issue, in my opinion, is how to keep guns out of the hands of murderers. In that thread, you could provide a hundred links like this to make your point.

Yep. At least this idiot didn’t pull the trigger.

I’ll see your your hooded, inhuman killer, and raise you a depraved animal of a mother.

You think those stories are horrid?



Yessireebob, that’s the neighborhood in which I want to live. :dubious:

OMG, people are so heartless, senseless, and cruel. This makes me think maybe the world would be a better place if humanity weren’t in it.

This thread is a beautiful microcosm of every other “horrible crime in the news” thread we’ve ever had. From original post to despair of humanity in only 13 replies.

The only time I opened a pit thread (nothing to do with crimes or murders), it was because I needed to vent.

I generally assume that people (some at least) open threads about repugnant crimes for the same reason.

You’re saying that we’re all “saddened and perplexed by this kind of behavior”. But actually, some people are much more disturbed than that by such news items. My ex was like this. Reports of murders, especially if they involved children, deeply upset her. No just a casual “how awful!” she really had (and still has) a hard time dealing wit these events. I’ve no doubt that if she were a regular poster here, lacking someone else to share her feelings with, she would post in the Pit just to vent.

By the way, I’m not sure why people find these threads more understandable when the the OP lives in the general vicinity of the crime scene. If their neighbor was murdered, for instance, it would of course makes a difference. But residents of a large city like in this instance? I don’t feel differently when I read about a crime commited in Paris and in Nashville, personnally. So, I don’t really understand why opening this thread should be understandable if the OP lives in Nashville but not if he lives in, say, Salt Lake City.

You don’t see why a serial killer on the loose in the city you live in might be more relavent than one in some other city.

That’s not how I read the story. I interpreted it as the murderer using the “present” line to get into the house and kill one of the adults. When an adult saw the weapon and tried to close the door/get the kids out, murderer starts shooting and hits a kid.

Doesn’t mean it’s any less of a murder, but it’s less twisted than targeting a random little kid and giving him a “present” made of lead.

I’m curious about the level of gang activity in areas where these killings occur. It’s sometimes considered very good PR for an up-and-coming gangbanger to off civilians without cause. Especially if he doesn’t get caught.

New news link, with additional info.


Sorry, it was a link to an article about a Tori Spelling sitcom. I lost my head. Some things are too awful to dwell on for long.