OK, maybe I'm a cold, unfeeling bastard, but...

WTF is WITH these damn commercials on TNT? Maybe someone has some background that I’m not up on, but I watch TNT a lot, and seems like every commercial break there’s a commercial or two with a bunch of kids and Mary Tyler Moore talking about a cure for Juvenile Diabetes. The commercial is, IMO, a damned annoying one, that’s repeated often enough to be REALLY expensive. No, REALLY. Perhaps Ted Turner is ponying up the time or something, but I’d think for what it costs to run THAT many ads on a national network, that the money would be better spent to, oh, I dunno, FIGHT JUVENILE DIABETES. :mad:

Dammit, I feel like a heel, but that commercial annoys the shit out of me.

Oh, and the cause is still good, but the commercials…Eesh.


Chances are it doesn’t cost a dime.

What you’ve seen is a PSA. Generally, for charitable organizations like JDF or March of Dimes, they will provide PSA’s to networks, who run them when they have open commercial inventory. They do not charge the charitable organization to run the ad, although, it’s not unheard of for some organization to buy time. But I’ll bet it was a PSA and was run for free.

(ivylass, with 15 years of broadcasting experience under her belt)

Ivylass thanks for the input. I considered the PSA angle, but usually the production quality bites it. This is very well done, and well edited, other than the bothersome actors. Though maybe they’ve gotten better, and I suppose they ARE a huge charity, so that may explain it.

Not all PSA’s have poor production value. At the Charleston station I used to work at we got LDS psa’s all the time, and they were professionally produced, and some of them were quite cute.