Ok, so is the show 'getaway' fake or what?

Was channel surfing last friday and watched a show called ‘getaway’ on UPN. According to the show a number of stuntmen have to outrun cops to get to a goal. The cops can do anything they want to stop them including ramming, crashing etc.

On the show they claim the chases are real and not staged/fake.

What makes me suspicious is that when they showed the interior of the cars there were no rollcages. Not even 5 point harnesses, just your basic seatbelt. Hmmm…

At one point one of the runners crashes into 2 parked cop cars doing 50-60 mph turning his car into trash. Quick cut and he’s running from the wreck without a scratch. Double-hmmmm.

Anyone have the scoop on this? Are stuntmen just Uber-menschen or what?


I think it’s totally scripted. In the episode I caught, it seemed to go too perfect for the “stuntmen” to win. one of them caught a cop car from under the cops noses, etc.