Big Rig Bounty Hunters (History Channel)

I’ve been surprised that this show seems pretty reasonable. I was afraid it was going to be a bunch of rednecks beating up bad guys with tire irons. So far there’s been no fist fights or guns drawn. Makes me think that there’s some truth in the stories.

I liked this weeks episode the best so far. The mental case (worried about aliens) that covered the truck cab with tin foil had me laughing. I felt bad for the NJ trucker that got beat up by hijackers.

Are these stories supposed to be recreations? There’s no way a film crew had time to set up the cameras while those Arizona guys grabbed the truck at the restaurant. That driver could have left the restaurant any second. The recovery guys can’t risk farting around waiting on a camera crew to setup.

I had no idea recovering trucks was such a problem. Why didn’t the driver at the hospital call into dispatch? Explain that his wife was critically ill and let dispatch know where the replacement drivers could find the truck. That’s just common sense for anyone that doesn’t want to get fired.

I’ll keep watching for awhile. I just wish these recovery guys were in uniform. They look too much like hijackers. I’d call 911 if I saw those Arizona guys messing with a semi truck. They look too shady. I would expect a more professional appearance so the cops don’t mistake them for criminals.

For a History channel reality show this isn’t too ridiculous. I’ll play along and enjoy the recreated stories.

I wondered what that show is about. Repo men?

At least this show comes right out and says its been recreated by actors so anyone who thinks this is reality is 100% wrong, each story has been recreated and for me I just can’t get into shows such as this, too much is left up to Hollywood how the outcome will unfold so no thanks!!

I’ve watched a couple of episodes. It’s interesting enough to keep me on the channel between Pawn Stars episodes.

I laughed at the New Jersey guys reaction to the countryside.
“Look there’s a horse! Three of them!” :smiley:

Strange that the stolen truck was just parked in a pasture.

It’s a entertaining show. I don’t necessarily believe everything they portray. :wink:

I have watched 3 episodes and find the series full of misinformation about trucks mechanically and functionally. Somebody really needs to talk to someone who has driven trucks to know the fuel tank won’t explode. By the way, only a idiot would call them “gas” tanks. If you lose your air pressure the truck won’t be free wheeling down the road. You come to a quick stop. Trust me I know. Can you get an announcer on there to correct these idiots.:dubious:

The truck that wrecked on the icy road outside Denver was a challenge to recover. That tow truck had all the trailers wheels off the ground yanking it off that guardrail.

That couldn’t have been a recreation. That rig was really wrecked and nearly went off the embankment. The guardrail just barely saved it.

Not to mention the guy that slid down the embankment getting the broke truck parts. I thought he was going to slide all the way to the bottom. That was a serious drop that could have injured him.

A lot of the show is just phony drama. Hunt down a truck and make the delivery six hours from now is just bullshit. Theres no way of knowing how long it will take to find a missing truck. How can anyone promise to make that delivery on time? All they can do is try.