Operation Repo Any other fans out there?

Operation Repo has got to be one of the greatest reality shows ever.

These guys are absolutely crazy. They go out and repo vehicles (of all kinds including helicopters, planes, big rigs, you name it). And they do this often in broad day light and sometimes in some of the worst neighborhoods in Los Angeles. They first actually go up to the homes and ask for the keys! The owners of the vehicles are not pleased to say the least. Guns, knives, baseball bats often come out when the repo guys start trying to take the cars away.

And the whole thing is done with cameras rolling!

Here in southern CA its on a channel named TRU TV.

Any other fans of this mayhem?

Except it is scripted and not real. There is a disclaimer at the beginning. I haven’t checked but I bet Wiki would have more details.

Right…they’re not real repo guys, although some of them had been repo guys in the past. They’re actors engaged in reenactments.

The show frickin’ ROCKS!

I wish they would move it to Texas and snag my ex’s hoopty. I would p*ss myself silly replaying it.

I was a big fan until I wised up to the reenactment slam. Now I even know one of the actors that worked on a shoot. I don’t care if it is a reenactment, it ain’t REAL. Lost my interest.

Not since Cops has there been a premise for a reality show that has a better shot as being, you know, actual reality than Operation Repo. But what do they do? Make it all staged, and not that well staged to boot. Why, I ask? What would have been so difficult about rigging up a tow truck with cameras and microphones and going on actual repos?

Well, you know TruTV’s slogan: “It’s not reality. It’s actuality.” Which, I suppose lets them off the hook since they have actual actors actually shooting actual scripts. Even if it’s not real.

I can think of one reason why it’s staged. Because if it was reall they would all be in jail. That is not how self-help repossession works. That whole show is presmised on a breach of the peace. I was oblivous to the fact that the show was fictional at first and would comment to my wife, “boy are they making it easy for the prosecution, taping all this.”