Ok so maybe I'm panicing a little....this could be normal right?

I have been in the process of interviewing for my dream job for the last 2 months. It started with a 5 hour “interview” with the president of the company. Since then I have had meetings in person and on the phone with the 3 V.P.'s. Every indication is that I have this job. The president has called it my position during conversations. I am driving down to meet with him tomorrow for what I am expecting to be the “offer meeting”.

So I opened up my e-mail today and there was an e-mail from him. Nice, confirming our meeting time and place the usual. But then he told me to make sure I bring along a mileage report and any expenses so he can reimburse me.

This has me worried. My worry is if he is in fact hiring me why wouldn’t he just wait and reimburse me on my first check or however the company normally does it? Does he feel bad that I did a lot of driving to meet with all the guys and since I am not getting the job he should pony up some cash?

So Dopers, help me out here. This really is my dream job and I am hoping that I am just worried about nothing. But this just seems off to me.


If he wasn’t going to hire you, he’d assume that was part of your cost of interviewing and would kiss you off. An expense report means nothing to someone who doesn’t work for the company, so I’d bet lunch you got the job. Congratulations.

Every place that I’ve worked (all academia) travel reimbursement was totally seperate from payroll. You got a totally seperate check, and they were sticklers for having receipts submitted promptly.

So I wouldn’t sweat it.

Yeah, congrats. Chill, this is how real companies work sometimes. Once you are there for 3 months a “Oh…I understand now.” will come over you and you will titter and smile about your insecurities.

I had to fly to the UK for my job interview and it just was easier for me to pay for the whole thing- flight, airplane, food, etc all thrown on my credit card. I xeroxed all the receipts and sent them to the VIP and then had the irritating experience of dealing with a large corporation’s accounts payable department for THREE MONTHS before I got reimbursed. We’re talking a $1.5 billion a year organization here. They couldn’t even send the money directly to my bank account, I finally had to go get a physical check written. I felt so '90’s.

With all of the accounting scandals and blahblahblah, anytime a medium and up sized company has to send money from their account they need to have it completely documented - and I mean completely. Your contact information, Social Security number, bank account, mother’s maiden name, etc will all be requested by the end of this trip. Absolutely normal and absolutely FUBAR.


He’s being courteous! This is a good thing!

And yes, travel expenses are handled separately from payroll. It’s always a separate check.

Hope you have an excellent visit with him!

er, “flight, hotel, food, etc”

… the heck are you interviewing for that you start with the president of the company and work your way down?

Not that it means anything, but our company does reimburse people who come and visit and don’t get the job. In this case, it sounds very promising as he is having you bring them (and reassuring you that he is not overlooking them) rather than simply asking you to send them in and never seeing you again.

When you do get hired, moving expenses may get paid through a separate check too, but be careful! They could be considered taxable income.

I feel better now :slight_smile:

I am currently in a position where I recieve expense checks. So I know how they work. It just seemed strange that he was asking me for them at our meeting tomorrow. Made me think that it might be the end of the road.

I will let you all know what happens!

Keep your legs…errr, um fingers crossed for me!


I would assume that, if he wasn’t going to hire you, he wouldn’t care about reimbursing you for your expenses.

Let us know what happens! But, I think you’ve got it.

I guess I just know how to work these things :smiley:
Honestly it’s a small company, this job didn’t even exist untill I started talking to the President (on a cold call) about other aspects of the company. He mentioned this new product line and I jumped on, he liked my outlook on it and asked to meet up with me. Then he set it up so that I could meet with the VP’s, stating that he wanted everyone to be on board with my position with the company.

So like I said, it sounds like I have it, but I have so much riding on this right now that I am obsessing about every detail.

You are in. Chill the bubbly.

Wow, I am really impressed. I would never have the balls (figuratively, either) to do that. Congratulations!

I really hope you guys are all right!

I will have the bubbley chilled either way. Yes= drinking in celebration, No= Drinking to forget :smiley:

As far as having the “balls”, to get a job off of a cold call… I would have never imagined this job in a life time. The position is so far beyond what I have done in the past that I can’t even wrap my head around it. But I know I can do the job, and fancy titles never worried me much, I saw an opportunity and I lunged for it. It was a lot of luck, perfect timing and more than a little persistance.

It has got me into trouble in the past, jumping in head first, but this time I really think it worked!


That’s the kind of risk I would never even think to take, and that alone I can’t wrap my head around. Good on you.

I only have a second but wanted to give you guys an update…

I got it and it’s better than I even imagined!!!

Thanks guys!

WOO-HOO!!! Congratulations!!! :smiley: :smiley:

I have nothing of substance to add, but your news made me smile…and I’ve had an unusually smile free day.

So, congratulations and thank you!!!

Hurray!!! Good for you!

Woo hoo!