OK - so what's the oddest way anyone has ever asked you out?


Got asked out on a graphics calculator, one of those with text in them. I took statistics as a summer course (I loved taking summer courses) and there was a cute farmer-type boy who sat behind me. We used to pass notes on the little calculator, and one day, he asked me out.

I can’t remember the exact phrasing he used, since it was over 10 years ago, but I’ve never forgotten him or the method he used.

And I didn’t go out with him, because I was 17 and he was 25, and it seemed to me to be too much of an age gap.

How about you guys?

I used to write for an underground newspaper in college and at the time was totally and completely obsessed with Aerosmith. One of my fellow editors had a thing for me and made me a 2-sided tape of old Aerosmith B-sides, and at the end had his voice recorded with a message like “I knew you would like this special gift and since I knew you’d get to the end of the tape I thought I would ask if you would have dinner with me”. Then a bunch of nervous rambling and cheesiness…"… you know you’re gorgeous, funny, smart… you like dogs and you’re funny… spicy food is an option… these songs really say how I feel…"

No, I didn’t go out with him. I was stupidly trying to make up with an ex-boyfriend.

No one has ever asked me out.

Johnny L.A. – next time you’re in Philly, may I take you to dinner?

That’s odd. :dubious:

You haven’t seen me! :eek:

Twickster: Sadly, I don’t know if I’ll ever get to Philly.

Ah, youngin’ romance. I once dated a guy because he wrote, “Will you go out with me?” on my ankle while we were riding in a car to a friends house.

That lasted about a week and a half.

You don’t wash your ankles? :confused:


My current gf tricked me into giving her my number.

Well, you can’t say I didn’t ask. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know where you live because I’m way too lazy to look up your longitude etc., but…

Will you go out with me, **Johnny L.A.? ** I’d love to treat you to a cup of java.

Thanks, Twickster and Anaamika; but does it really count (in the context of the OP), since there is little likelihood we’ll ever meet? (Heh. Reminds me of my dad, who used to say to waitresses, ‘I love you. Will you marry me?’ when they brought him coffee. He always checked to make sure they had a wedding ring first. :wink: )

Anaamika: I’m about four miles south of the Canadian border, and 100 miles north of Seattle. Plans are to move back to L.A. around November to go into business with a friend.

Sure it counts, esp. since you’re one of my board crushes. (Hmph, didn’t post that? Oh well.)

Besides, it’s your decision not to come to Philly.

I saw this:

and thought “Hey! That’s not that far!”

And then I saw this:

You see, I live not too far from the Canadian border, too…on the East Coast.

Mine was actually portrayed on Seinfeld – he made me a “reverse sucker” bet, just like Todd Gak (“What kind of a name is ‘Gak,’ anyway?”) did to Elaine. The bet was which one of us would get the higher score on our next bowling league night, loser takes winner to dinner. It was a sucker bet because he was a terrible bowler and I had about a 150 average.

It was my very first actual date. He was very sweet, shy and a little awkward but an absolute gentleman. It never would have worked out long-term, among other reasons because he was so overly sweet and solicitous and I’m so snarky, but I still remember that evening very fondly. Danny, I hope you’re making some nice girl very happy and vice versa.

(It doesn’t surprise me much that I actually had very few “dates” after that, and they were all – as in all two or three of them – quite disappointing. When I met Mr. S, we just started hanging out as co-workers after work, and then one day just sorta ended up kissin’. :smiley: The rest is history.)

Art class in college; guy next to me writes “Will you have dinner with me?” on his drawing and slides it over to my desk.

No so much odd as shy. And kind of sweet, I thought.

But no, I didn’t go out with him. Never went for guys my own age.

Working behind a bar now, I’ve gotten room keys, room/phone numbers in lieu of a tip on a credit card (why would a guy be that stupid?), directions to their houses drawn on bev naps (even when they live out of state) and perhaps most odd, I had a guy call the bar after he left and pretend to be a girl at the front desk of his hotel. “This is the Marriott; we have a guest named Scott who would like to inform you that he is in room 411 and would be pleased to invite you to join him.”

The funny thing is, he did sound like a girl at the front desk. I was like, “What…?”

And then he started laughing and told me who he was.

No, I didn’t think it was particularly funny.

No, I didn’t go to his room.

“Would you like to have a menage a trois with me and my wife?” :eek:

And I’ve done this one before. I was at a Science Fiction convention. I was walking down the hall with a friend of mine and her new husband. He ran into someone he knew and introduced his new wife. His friend looks me up and down, looks at him and says “well, she taken?” :wally

A girl that had a crush on me in college brought me some food from her restaurant while I was working the late shift at my job (2 A.M.). This was… 1998?

She took a piece of tape and stuck it to my hand, then she wrote (with a red felt tip pen) “Will You Go Out With Me”. I said no, because I was still struggling with whether or not I even wanted to go out with girls. I still have the piece of tape, stuck to the back of the Joy of Cooking.

I think it’s Dutch.

“Brick you go to the dance with me?”

Written on a brick.