Ok, so, why is 'pebble' my cute girl word?

Whenever I see a cute girl my mind says ‘pebble’.
Saying it seems to add to the experience of the cuteness.

It seems like the kind of thing a troubled or insane person would do.

Am I troubled or insane?

Pebbles Flintstone, perhaps?

Here’s your answer

Perhaps I’m thinking too much into this, but it could be the phonemes of the word. The way the word feels in your mouth is soft, round, and short. Very much like a little girl.

Then again, I’m the girl who doesn’t like chocolate cake because I don’t like saying it. It doesn’t feel tasty in my mouth when I say “chocolate cake.” I do like sorbet, cookies, and gelato, though…

I think you and Lobsang would make a good couple. Freaks :stuck_out_tongue:

And for some reason, my male cat is ‘sausage’

Why the phrase “cute as a button”? Pebbles can be cuter than buttons.

It’s just your thing, man. Just go with it.

Sounds like you have a form of synesthesia. Basically someone with synesthesia’s brain makes associations between concepts that most brains don’t. This can be a good or bad thing, because it cam be used as a memory aid or creatively. If the synesthetic can’t figure it out, then it becomes distracting and difficult.

Here’s a link to a podcast featuring an interview with Dr. David Eagleman, Director of The Laboratory for Perception and Action at the Baylor College of Medicine. They discuss his groundbreaking research on the fascinating scientific phenomenon known as Synesthesia.


Obviously you’re a latent… ummm… geologist.

Aren’t we all.

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I don’t think it is. Most forms of synesthesia involve multiple senses, not just associations between things, and those that do involve associations are really specific involving letters, numbers or time.

Fruity Pebbles. They smell nice, and are very colorful.

In reality, I have nothing. (I grew up to refer to any female that was younger than you as “honey”. It was really important to break that enculturation in today’s world. YMMV)

Hmm. A pebble is a small (i.e. cute) version of a rock.

Maybe you take this analogy way too seriously.

Clitorises, perhaps?

Please tell me I’m not the only one who thought this.

Well, that was interesting… not quite sure what to make of it…

For some reason this reminds me of when I was a little kid of about five or so.

While playing outside, I had made up an imaginary girl friend. In my mind, she was so skinny and frail that she couldn’t even pick up a small pebble that I was looking at on the ground.

So me being the perfect little gentleman that I was; picked up the rock and threw it for her.

She was quite taken with me. :smiley: