OK, the fun is over. McCain is done.

Alright now folks, it was fun while it lasted. We’ve been nicely entertained and humored by John McCain.

Sarah Palin did a good job tonight with what limited information she had, and was able to cram in such a short time about what it takes or means to be VPOTUS. She did a good job of distancing herself from the Sarah Palin of the Gibson/Couric doe-in-the headlights interviews.


This is serious business now. We have a decision to make. We must choose a President and Vice-President. Kay Bailey Hutchison would have made a terrific running mate for John McCain since he wanted a woman as VP. McCain/Hutchison would be leading this race at this point. It would have been closer and Obama/Biden would have had a steeper hill to climb.

Can we all agree now that Sarah Palin was a serious blunder for John Sydney McCain?

McCain is finished.

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Ok, we have the McCain forked and Michigan-withdrawal-is-McCain-forked thread already, I don’t think we need another on essentially the same topic. Please post comments in either one of those two threads.

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