OK, this is very weird...

It’s supposedly a pilot for a Japanese TV show, but I seriously doubt it - any idea who made it?


HAve you heard the word “satire.” That was definitly one. There is no way that is a real TV show pilot. It was damn funny though.

I like the theme music. It will probably be running through my head for a few days.

Besides, aren’t pilots usually, I don’t know, longer than the real show would be? My guess is sketch comedy. Funny stuff, I thought.
From an ICQ I had with a coworker about this clip:

I’m just wondering what influence, if any, the Budwiser “Wazzup” commercials had on it.

And darn you Badtz for posting this. I thought for sure that I’d be the first to post one of these “damn, this is a strange web site/movie clip/flash movie” for a change. :stuck_out_tongue:

ahaha, SA is my guide for internet trends.