OK to mix cat foods?

My cat is 13 and in fine health although she doesn’t jump up on tall objects like she used to. We’ve always fed her a variety of hard foods, often mixing them together, and sometimes I give her a very small piece of fish or chicken because she seems to like it. (I know I’d get sick of the same food all the time.)

I thought all the cat food makers say to use their brand exclusively just to get people to BUY their brand exclusively. But my friend tells me that in fact it really isn’t good to mix foods (he gives his cat IAMS, which when mixed with other foods “compromises” the health benefits).

My aging parents are very fond of our aging cat, and I’m interested in doing what’s best to keep her in good health. She always eats what we give her, and she drinks plenty of water. Is there any reason to change what I’ve been doing?

If your cat is used to what you’re doing and isn’t getting sick and getting diahrreah, then don’t worry about it. When cats get used to one brand and brands are changed on them they sometimes get a little sick, but even then there are no long term problems to worry about.