OK, VH1, I Still DO Love the '80s . . .

. . . But I still hate the commentators–for chrissakes, Hal Sparks, shut up!

1981, I was 24, the cutest little trick you’d ever see, and moved to New York. I was a super-freak. I was super-freaky. Spent my days in dead-end office temp jobs, and my nights dancing at Limelight, Palladium, The Saint, Heartbreak, Surf Club . . . You can’t beat songs like “Whip It,” “Turning Japanese,” “Call Me,” Dancing With Myself . . ." I wonder if I’m anywhere in this book?

This series is completely devoid of creative commentators, but I suppose that happened in the original series as well. Michael Ian Black, Hal Sparks, and Donald Logue seem like parodies of themselves. The commentary falls into one of the following categories:

1.) “I remember that, what was with that?” (see Hal Sparks)
2.) Sing the theme song of the movie/television program
3.) Weirdness for the sake of weirdness (see Michael Ian Black)
4.) “I had one of those, you weren’t cool unless you had one of those”
5.) Insightful commentary (very, very rare)

The series as a whole as fun, but not quite as fun this time around.

I don’t know. I kind of dig it, but it’s not as funny as the first time. The Boyfriend and I were looking forward to it, so we sat down to watch, and were immediately interrupted by phone calls. We never really got back into it.

But what in the hell is up with Boy George? Is he trying out for a part in a Marilyn Manson video? It looked like a glittery blue spider up and died on his head.

I watched about 45 mins of this last night and I am not ashamed to say that Michael Ian Black cracks me up. His line on Fernando Valenzuela was especially funny.

Also laugh out loud goodnes came from the one dude doing his slo-mo immitation of a hungry hungry hippo.
OTOH, The Donnas have always struck me as extremely annoying and last night did nothing to change that.

Is it a Halloween look?

I thought Boy George looked like a member of Insane Clown Posse on Crack. I wish he would not be so out-there, and go back to more of a “normal” look for Boy George.

I confess that I too find Michael Ian Black hilarious, but not has funny as the other “I Love The ____'s” programs. I wonder, though, where Dee Snider or Alice Cooper are. They usually have the best commentary.

i didn’t see the show in question, but Eve’s OP sent me REELING back to the early eighties; my time on the planet.

I was highschool class of 81, and I was a total party monster through my twenties. I entered 4 Boy George lookalike contests and won three of them. Man, I feel old; the waves of nostalgia from this thread are enough to make me need smelling salts.

Are you bragging about this?

By the way, would anyone have recognized that guy from “Gremlins” if he hadn’t been ID’d?

Absolutely. It took me HOURS to braid that wig, and I designed and made the outfit and did my own makeup.

Anyway we can get a photo lissener?

none extant.

No. I was quite surprised to see how much he has aged in ten years (since the second “Gremlins” movie).

Michael Ian Black makes the show for me. I litterally laugh out loud in front of my TV at some of his lines.

I about fell out of my chair when they held up the braided ribbon barette. LOL! I had a jllion of those and I’d completely forgotten them! Our friendship bracelets were nowhere near as nice as theirs though. Ours were straight braided if I remember right. Actually, friendship pins were more popular where I grew up. (Safety pins with beads that you’d wear on your shoelaces. For some reason our basement was full of never-thrown-away crap like mardi-gras beads, so I made the coolest friendship pins in town!)

Boy George’s VH1 getup looks like the same makeup he wears in that new musical he’s in, that Rosie O’Donnell financed. It’s based on some guy. Or else some other guy designed the show. There’s somebody famous in there somewhere.

feeling vague today

This round is definitely weaker, material and commentator wise.

Stayin’ Alive? Solid Gold without Marilyn McCoo and the late Andy Gibb (guess that might have been a downer)? Reagan’s jelly beans? Who gives a damn.

Michael Ian Black - shut the hell up until you learn a new delivery, and cool it with the unfunny overly obvious irony, it’s funny once.

Donal Logue - don’t speak unless someone has written dialogue for you. I still like him as an actor, but he must seems to be in permanent annoying bar drunk mode.

And who the hell in Godfrey? How long has he been claiming to be a comedian?

Jenna van Oy was three in 1980, so she has lots of insight on the 80s. But since she’s like a white trash version of Danica McKellar, I still love her. I don’t want to find out how young the Hanson kids are.

I miss Dee Snider, I wish Colin Hay could take up the slack, but he seems to have little to say so far.

And wasn’t Zack Galligan arrested for shoplifting CDs about two years ago? Maybe a combination of struggling actor life and teenage girl-style crime has aged him.

Boy George is in the musical Taboo about his 80s younger self (played by somebody else). Rosie did finance it. Vagueness justified.

Cheer up, lissner. At least you weren’t grumbling into your granola that the sixties were over.

When they briefly made a joke about doing I Love the '30s, I thought, Oooooh, I wanna see that!!

Now I’ve got She’s a super-freak going through my head. Falsetto and all. And since I only know the one line it’s kind of repetitive.