OK what was the name of this 70's spoof show

So Mrs. Stuffy and I were watching Law & Order CI the other night and we both mentioned how we hated that they went all retro with the theme song. Which then meant I had to explain it to my oldest son who was also watching. We mentioned a couple of old shows like Colombo (which I still watch occasionally), Barnaby Jones and McMillan and Wife. Being caught up in the moment I mention how it would be cool if they did one of those spoof mysteries like they use to do with Colombo and Kojak.

My wife pulls one of these:


me: C’mon you remember, the guy spoofing Colombo was always setting the scenery on fire…

my wife: :confused:

me: The guy spoofing McMillan never got off his horse…

Me: You had to have seen these. They played the same weekend as Battle of the Network Stars.

my wife: :confused:

It’s time like these when I’m completely convinced my wife here as an observer from another planet and didn’t arrive until 1990. One day she was trying to tell me about Angela’s dad on Bones who she kept describing as a hippy dude? I finally come into the room and back it up and say:

That’s Billy Gibbons

my wife: :confused:

Me: You kwow, from ZZ TOP… Legs…Sharp dressed man…

my wife: :confused:

me: The bass guy had a beard too, another guy named Beard, didn’t, really cool 39 Ford…


Anyhoo, anyone remember the name of these mystery spoofs, I know htere was more than one and I think they pretty much spoofed all the mojors mentioned in my first paragraph.

Actually, you’re probably thinking of McCloud, played by Dennis Weaver. McMillan (never on horseback, as I recall) was a Rock Hudson role

I don’t remember stand-alone shows of this description. Are you perhaps remembering sketches on The Carol Burnett Show or another comedy-variety program?

Was this a series or a movie? Because I vaguely recall a movie that had a McCloud parody, and wonder if that’s it…

I suspect you’re thinking of the TV movie “Murder Can Hurt You.”


It had Buck “Hee Haw” Owens as McCloud, Tony Danza as Baretta, Jamie Farr and John Byner as Starsky & Hutch, Victor Buono as Ironside, Burt “Rocky” Young as Columbo, and Connie Stevens as an Angie Dickinson type “Police Woman.”

Kind of a stupid comedy. At the end , it turns out COlumbo’s wife was behind all the crimes, simply as a way of getting her dense husband’s attention.

Don’t forget Gavin Macleod as Kojak. The movie had its moments.

Stuffy, you should also check out Murder by Death and The Cheap Detective - two other parodies of the detective genre.

And Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid is good, too.

Thank you! Thank you! I knew I wasn’t crazy. Sorry to be so late getting back to the thread a stomach virus really laid me up.