Ok, what's this Chinese

I’m really not giving away anything here, in the movie “Center of the World” this computer millionaire geek pays a stripper $10,000 to spend the weekend in Vegas with him. The deal is she’s his from 10-2 for three nights, but no kissing on the lips and no intercourse.

ANYWAY . . . .in this one scene she asks the guy if he had any fantasy . . he whipsers something in her ear . . .and she tells him “Oh, the Chinese call that fire and ice!” and he sez “They have a NAME for that???”

Cut to next scene . . dude is lying on his stomach, while chick melts ice on his back, then slides the ice towards his butt crack . . . she drinks something, I don’t know what, but it’s out of a small bottle, then her head moves towards said area. Dude stays on stomach, but after a few seconds, can’t take anymore and tells her to stop.

NOW my first instinct is she was fellating the guy with an icecube . . . BUT she drank out of a bottle, and well, he was on his stomach, so that can be hard to do.

The other possibility of course. . . if she was doing something sick to his most taboo of all areas . . .or was it something else???