Ok, who broke Facebook?

I was doing my morning cruise-through and all of a sudden it blipped and disappeared, and all I have is a blank white screen with a tiny Service Unavailable in the top left corner.

Kind of creepy, actually.

Facebook has been getting rid of political troll accounts. You know how sometimes it’s easier to burn the house down and rebuild it than it is to find that one spider that runs across your arm in the middle of the night? Well…

Ha! :smiley:

According to downdetector.com, they’ve been having issues since 7:41 on 11/20.

Nice site! It’s been down for me too for the most part. I will get a single post from several hours ago and nothing on either sidebar.

trolls. :slight_smile:

It was having issues a couple days ago, too, very late at night. Just kept posting that there was a problem, and that’s all you’d see on the main Wall display.

Oddly, if you went to a particular account’s personal Wall, you saw posts just fine.

I broke it. You’ll thank me later.

there is another system.

cochrane, can I thank you now?


Thank you.

I helped.

Probably the NSA installing a “security patch.” :slight_smile:

Are you quoting from the old movie Colossus: The Forbin Project? A few years after that movie came out I wrote a diagnostic program for mainframes which, upon detecting that it was in a multi-processor configuration, printed “There is another mechanism.”

I wish this were true. Then I would thank you.

If any of you chats with Zuckerberg, please ask him when I’m going to get my Newsfeed back. I want to spend as little time() as possible at his site but as is, I have to click on the timelines of all my show-first Friends to see what they’ve posted. ( Zero time would be fine but even as is I often hear “Our daughter posted on FB almost an hour ago and you still haven’t clicked Like. What’s the matter with you!”)