OK, why did the enema thread vanish while I was reading it?

Granted it was not appropriate for this MB at all, did ya have to yank it right out of my hands, like my mom did when she caught me with dad’s copy of playboy when I was 12? Jeez.

Yank what out of your hands :wink:

Qadgop Did it literally “vanish” off your screen while you were in the middle of reading it?

I was reading it, I hit refresh, and it was gone! But no, it didn’t disappear while I was actually on the thread. I was annoyed because there had been a new post by the OP, and I had been hoping to see how he explained his sorry ass.


*It’s still a mystery … *


Holy Moly!!
Thread gnomes!

Hey, I just encountered the same thing. I was in GQ, I clicked on a thread “koreans in apartment buildings” and when it loaded, a blank page appeared. I went back to GQ, the thread title was gone from the listings. I waited about 30 minutes, check again, and there it is with a couple of replies. I thought maybe the mods had yanked the thread but apparently it was the gnomes granting temporary powers of invisibility.

Maybe the enema thread got flushed away?

Dear Monfort, you should be slapped for that, but some things just splatter

Thank you for my morning laff.