Wha' hoppen to my thread??

I messed up the title of a GQ thread I started in the wee hours overnight, so I sent an email to a moderator asking that it be fixed. I found it again when I logged on an hour ago, and responded to a clarification question from a resp. And now my thread has disappeared!! I’ve reloaded GQ umpteen times, and it just doesn’t show up. :confused:

Where did it go???

I hope to be able to log back on later today, but no guarantees, and I rarely feel up to sitting at the computer after I’ve been through the usual “wringer” on Tuesday. I do want to learn more about this issue, and see what people think about this. It is, hopefully, the prologue to a thread in GD about the future of transportation.

Help! Please??

Do you mean this one?

That’s it. Where is it? I went back and refreshed GQ twice more, and even used “find in this page,” just to insure I wasn’t overlooking it, but Netscape can’t find it either. Am I being paranoid, or is someone really picking on me? :eek:

Or what? If it doesn’t show up in the forum listing, nobody else will ever comment.

Should I just go have some chocolate and forget the whole thing?

Beats me. On my view, it’s currently about 1/3 the way down the first page of the GQ forum index. I’d go have that chocolate, I suppose.

Thanks, I think I will.

You might get even better results if you send that chocolate to the admins as tribute. :wink:

You did check the second page of GQ, right? It sounds like you were only looking at the first page.

IIRC, I did. However, by the time I posted this, I was so thoroughly frustrated that, after Q.E.D.'s concurring in my prescription of chocolate, I shut the dagnabbed confusion machine down and had some soothing chocolate. :slight_smile:

Next time I went online, I had no difficulty whatever in finding it. I have no idea what happened, and I don’t usually anthropomorphize computers, but … :rolleyes:

Unfortunately, hot fudge sundaes don’t ship well. <sad eyes>


But I felt immensely better afterward. :cool:

I can think of two simple possibilities, then. First, it could have slipped all the way to page 3 (though this is probably unlikely). Second, there’s the possibility that it was on page 2 when you first checked, but between you opening page 1 and you opening page 2, someone bumped it. Sort of like calling someone at home and at the office, and missing them both places, because they’re in transit.

Of course, there are also a host of nonsimple possibilities, most of which can be summed up by saying that the hampsters are crazy.

Yea, and the hamsters are none too stable, either. :smiley: