Okay, Help [i]Me[/i] Remember [i]This[/i] Show.

Okay, here we go.

My close relatives and acquaintances accuse me of making stuff up about events that happened in the past. I just happen to have a particularly good memory. I have repeatedly proven them wrong by producing evidence of these events. So now my wife is again accusing me of making up this show from the early 80s that I keep talking about. Here we go:

This would be a year or two before Misfits Of Science, Probe, and Ghostbusters (nothing to do with Bill Murray), and during the time of Knight Rider. It was a comedy/drama that took place in medieval times. The premise was close to Robin Hood. There were these two twin brothers. One was the evil ruler of the nearby castle, but the other was the hero who lived in the forest with his Merry Men ™. There was even a Little John-type of character, this big burly guy who was the comedic relief of the show.

The show lasted a season or two, at the most.

Each episode showed the different antics between the good and bad twins, trying to get at each other. The bad twin would send his minions into the forest to root out his brother. The good brother and his band would ambush them and tie them up, and vice versa.

I remember one particular episode (the last?) where the good brother and his band actually came out of the woods and attacked the castle. There was a scene with scalding oil being poured over the castle walls. Then the Little John character got captured, and the evil brother had him stradled in front of a cannon, and was preparing to fire it when the good brother swept in and saved him.

What show is this? Is it show in reruns anywhere?

Could it be Wizards and Warriors?

Short lived series with Julia Duffy (from Newhart) and Jeff Conway (from Taxi)

Here is the IMDB Plot Summary.

It sounds like it could be When Things Were Rotten. Richard Dimitri played twins - one good, one evil. Here’s an episode guide, and here are some videos for sale.

Yep, that’s it. I need to find some episodes of that.

… I mean for Wizards And Warriors.

…and sorry for the HTML tags in the title of this thread.

Heh. W&W was…wow. I remember loving it as a kid, but I recently downloaded a vcd of the first episode. Cheap doesn’t even begin to describe it.

There was one episode later which had an invisible dragon. They had to defeat it by throwing a sword through its eye. :smack: