Okay, I'm still mad. This is for New Mexico!

I meant Michigan. I was replying to Bluesman. But at least in his case, the outline of Michigan and the Great Lakes is visually engaging.

I notice Texas also has only the state outline and a symbol. But I took that as, Texas does not need to advertise!

Hey, I know! Although she was born in Kansas, Vivian Vance was raised in Albuquerque. Lucille Ball’s old sidekick. They could put HER on there. :smiley:

Come on man, the Zia symbol is cool, but we have it everywhere already. This is New Mexico, we need something goofy. I mean, who else names their minor league baseball team from a Simpson’s episode.

Upon reconsideration, I think it should have the classic flying saucer. Because Roswell really did happen, you know…

And also, where else would a town (T or C) rename itself after a game show.

Yes, sorry Rilch, my bad. I realized that RIGHT after I pressed Submit, so I edited it out.

Okay then!

And Klaatu, I like the roadrunner idea!

Yes, roadrunners. I used to see some from my apartment balcony in Albuquerque, the Citadel Apartments on the corner of University and Indian School. A roadrunner would be good.

And a coyote?

I am sure Wile E will soon show up and post now. :slight_smile:

New Mexico: Vacation Home of Texas
(with a picture of a snowskiier in jeans and cowboy hat)

Just kidding! Sort of. I love New Mexico–I’m really looking forward to spending a week or two at my parents’ little corner of paradise in Angel Fire this summer.

I like Siam Sam’s idea: the Taos Pueblo.


How bout a rista shaped bong blowing balloon shaped bubbles with mountains in the background?

Hey, be happy you get more representative of the state than a damned tree

I’m not sure why you’re complaining. At least they remembered to include the U.P., so you won’t have rabid yoopers wandering around the troll neighborhoods whining that they got left out, as usual.

(I like the Michigan quarter. It has all the lakes plus a relief map. Were you looking for a Traverse City cherry (pissing off the Romeo apple and peach growers), a Model A or T (pissing off the folks in Lansing and Flint?), a box of cereal?, some furniture from Grand Rapids?, the Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes (leaving everyone scratching their heads wondering “Why is there a lump on the quarter?”)?)

I would gladly take a picture of America’s wang over what we ended up with… a space shuttle landing on a Spanish galleon . Honestly, wtf?

Didn’t you know that a Spanish galleon has the deck space for a carrier landing of the space shuttle?

They would’ve done better if they just covered the thing in plastic flamingos and added a pink sheen to that run of quarters.

You’re all getting off light, really. Consider Sweden and Finland’s plight on the EU Coin :smiley:

Apologies for arriving late. The zia is a lame choice. Aaand, as someone mentioned, New Mexico is not exactly a state short on artists. Glenna Goodacre who designed the Sacajawea (sp?) dollar has, unfortunately, recently suffered a cerebral hemmorhage, but she was certainly around in Santa Fe, sculpting and playing with her grandchildren (daughters of her model-daughter Jill and Harry Connick Jr.) when these proposed designs were under development.

[total hijack]Tabula, do you happen to have a Reality shirt from 1990, sophomore year? Someone stole mine.[/th]

Gukumatz, that’s a bad thing? :wink:


Oh my. Peach schmpeach, now THAT’S a problem. :smiley: