Okay, I'm still mad. This is for New Mexico!

Aha! I thought you might be you! SS, now with an L?

I have a few Reality shirts around, but I can’t recall which was 1990’s, unfortunately.

We had just moved off campus a few weeks earlier and did not engage much with our own Reality.

Tabby (AK, now with an added K)

That’s me! And I’m glad you guys are still together. Your kids are adorable!

IIRC, 1990’s shirt was the one with the passage from a textbook, talking about sucking air out of a tube, except it was that old-world script in which s’s look like f’s. :wink: I know 1989 had The Cat in the Hat, but I didn’t buy that one.

I haven’t kept up with many people from SJC. I do recall, a few years ago, detouring to SF when we were driving across country, going onto the campus and asking random people if NABLA was still in effect, and getting blank looks. Everything changes; that’s why I don’t like going back to places I’ve left. Fell in love with Pittsburgh, and with JTL, and that was that. But I do still have residual loyalty to NM!

I’ll take it off-list from here. Check your email.


How about
New Mexico One of the Four Corners!
New Mexico, It’s where Texas Ends!

I like the zia sign. At least they avoided the three done-to-death “Southwest” symbols: the kokopelli, the howling coyote silhouette, and the sleepy Mexican in sombrero.

Could be worse: You could have chosen a floating skull, as my home state did (yes, the buffalo skull is the official quarter design and the quarters are being minted).

I like the mushroom cloud design on that New Mexico page. “America’s test range…”

Who in their right mind would choose a buffalo skull over that beautiful standing buck design?