Okay, so does this canadian ex defense minister know something we don't?

It’s worth noting that the article Yahoo is syndicating here originated with PRWeb, a free website that allows ANYONE to submit an article as a “press release”. You may recall that PRWeb also announced Andy Kaufman’s return from the grave last year. The author of this piece may or may not have anything whatsoever to do with Hellyer, Trudeau or the Canadian government. It’s also worth noting that, for a speech that “attracted the attention of mainstream newspapers”, this is apparently the first any of us have heard about it.

While the article may be dubious in the manner in which the specific facts and quotes are presented, it IS unquestionably true, and was reported by mainstream new agencies, that Paul Hellyer believes the United States is hiding the truth about, and possibly fomenting war with, space aliens.

Well, I’ve read over his claims and I can’t see that he’s any nuttier than that other Paul: Wolfowitz. He was just not connected to a group with as much political (or military) power.

I was with him most of the way, but then he mentioned a just banking system and he lost me.

How’d this zombie happen?

I’m not saying it’s aliens… but…

(Intriguingly enough, there was a flick called ‘Alien vs. Zombies’ on TV last night. All things are connected! Though strangely, the film appears to be about mutants in a secret government facility…)

Someone posted a link to some Hellyer gobbledegook in another thread. Maybe that raised interest in the topic.

Your link doesn’t work (anymore). :stuck_out_tongue:

So, I guess the US still hasn’t started any intergalactic wars in space. That’s good at least.