Okay, so we got him.....but what about his beard?


Some of the photos I’ve seen of him show him with a full beard, and apparently it’s very important to them to have those beards.

So, my question is, what happened to Khalid Shaikh Mohammed’s?

Did he shave it off in an attempt to be less recognizable? Did we shave it off to piss him off?

Did he get gum in it and for issues of santiation, decided to amputate as the only option?

Probably a stupid question, I know.

If the infidels shave your beard off, it goes straight to heaven where forty virgins await it.

Maybe he’s going for the “Ron Jeremy” look. The resemblance is startling…

There’s got to be something in the Geneva Convention against that sort of torture…

Over the past year, the have been reports that top Al Qaeda members had shaved the beards and have been working in Pakistan.

If you’ve kept in the loop over the past 1-2 years, you’d have read stories about their efforts to blend in with locals and/or change appearances.

From his most wanted page:

On my way to get coffee, the headline in the newspaper box says ‘WHAT DOES HE KNOW?’ with the pic right next to it.

I thought, ‘Ron Jeremy knows plenty I’m sure, but why do I want to know?’. Made me take a closer look at the image.

Who is Ron Jeremy?

Unfortunately, his beard is still at large.

A disgusting walrus of a man who, despite his unpleasant appearance…sure seems to score with the ladies.

Some really ugly dude.

we really didn’t need the beard, we knew who he was by his chest hair. christ! you could braid that stuff. blech!

bush = :wally

One has to love the government’s precise descriptions. :rolleyes:

I wonder if that includes his back.

Since I’m not the first to hijack…

Ron Jeremy’s going to make out like a bandit. Not only will he most likely play Khalid in the made for TV movie on Fox but the feds can hire him to do a (probably) non-lethal bludgeoning at the interrogation. Seka could take it but can Khalid? He’ll fold faster than Superman on laundry day.

WHAP! “Augh, no more! I’ll talk! I’ll talk!”

Look at that t-shirt! What kind of a bulbous elephant-head stretched that thing out of shape?
Man… and this is the before interrogation picture!

That would be hubris, pride, or as it is known in the Southern United States, “The Big Head”.