Okay, this germophobe thing has gone too far

I have a new job (yay me!!) in an office. I’ve noticed that in the ladies’ room, each of the stalls contains its own can of Lysol spray.

I very vaguely wondered why, since I’ve seen the janitorial cart and the cleaning lady does carry all the supplies she needs everywhere she goes. But I never thought much of it.

Today I learned why they were there. I was just finishing washing my hands when another woman walked in and went into a stall. I heard her lock the door. Then, the very next thing I heard was her spraying down the toilet seat (presumably - it’s not like I could see her) with the Lysol. Promptly followed by the rustling of her smoothing out one of those toilet seat-cover dealies.

At that point, I’d :rolleyes: so hard I almost passed out. Lysol-ing the toilet seat? It’s not like she was in a Porta-Potty at the state fair or something. This is a small, clean, tidy, and mostly typical office.

It has since occurred to me that breathing in that much Lysol fumes all at once, presumably multiple times per day, can’t possibly be good for you.

Is this something that’s gotten worse because of the recent H1N1 thing, or is the germophobia I notice with increasing frequency (and intensity!) getting gradually more prevalent for years and years now?

I do not believe I have ever seen/heard of behavior that severe. I have, however, overheard a mother telling her daughter to hover over the toilet seat because there’s nasty germs all over it. :rolleyes: I’m pretty sure that most of the people who are that paranoid about germs on the toilet seat are also the ones who pee all over the seat, then fail to wipe it off when they’re done.

It’s absolutely getting more severe and more prevalent, and it drives me nuts. Lysol fuels it with their ads, too.

Thanks, I was close to making a pit thread about germaphobes, this saves me the effort :smiley:

I can’t stand them either. When hand sanitizers become a regular part of our office supply warehouse, then it’s gotten too far. Employers should not indulge their employees on their paranoid fears. I work with a women who uses her elbow to open doors. She constantly wipes down her keyboard with sanitizing wipes. She has a whole bottle of sanitizer within arm’s length and she uses it probably half a dozen times a day.

I want to be like Elaine and cough on her doorknob, put her stapler in my armpit, and rub her keyboard on my butt :smiley:

I think this ties into the current paranoia about a lot of things. The idea that people who get a debilitating illness “must” have done something to bring it on themselves, for example, leading to hyper-vigilant avoidance behavior. Thus, you must go to extremes to protect yourself at all times.

Me, I still sit on the toilet seat - I figure it’s even safer than it used to be since no one else seems to sit on them anymore…

Agreed. They could at least give them alcohol wipes instead of Lysol spray, which only speeds up the evolution of drug-resistant bacteria.

God, this happens at work all the time. People use the covers for the toilet seat. Then they leave them on when they go, presumably because they don’t want to touch it to remove it.

It’s your ass; it’s not like you’re licking the damn thing. Just sit on it, already. Or, if you can’t, at least remove your stupid gasket. Because, really, I have no problem sitting where your ass has been, but I don’t really want to touch it with my hands. I mean, I will, but that’s just fecking rude.

My grandfather always used Lysol. But not for cleaning the seat. He used it to cut out the smell. And, despite not being designed for that, it worked. Now, he uses actual Lysol air freshener, but for a while, he just used regular Lysol.

Lysol spray makes my lungs close up real fast. It’s worse than perfume for a person with asthma.

I figured this was going to be about that new Lysol Touchless Power Hands-Free Liquid Soap Dispenser unit for the home bathroom. You can’t touch the same dispenser as the other people in your home washing their hands? They will of course need the touchless faucet for the home too. Oh no I touched the same soap dispenser as my kid.:eek:

Congrats on the new job.

I understand your bafflement, really I do. However, once the first sweaty butt hits a freshly disinfected seat, the cleany stuff is gone, and there’s not much difference between the office toilet and the Port-O-San at the State Fair. The previous butt took the earlier sweat with it, and left you a new batch.

I don’t bother with the spray, or the paper seat, even though I’m a former janitor and I know how dirty that seat is. The human skin is the body’s best defense against germs that we have. It works extremely well.

The reason we’re told not to get icky stuff on our hands isn’t because the germs will get in through our skin. It’s because we touch our eyes, nose and mouth with our germy hands.

Perhaps your coworker would be interested in a GoGirl? (Pee like a man!)

After reading that article to the end, though, I suspect not…

Just out of curiosity, perhaps everyone should post exactly how many of their friends and neighbors have contracted diseases through touching a sweaty toilet seat.

There was a Mythbusters episode in which they tested various common household objects for bacteria. One of the cleanest places was the toilet seat. The dirtiest was the kitchen sponge.

I have a cow-orker who will spray the Lysol or Lysol-equivalent around the room if anybody has a cold. She won’t believe me that it (a) won’t work and (b) is counterproductive.

I work in a hospital and the (alcohol, not the resistance-causing crap) hand sanitizer has been good to me because hey, hospitals are germy - but when I did get a cold recently, it would have done nothing. I visited a friend for Christmas, and her 3-year-old had brought home a nasty cold from day care. The girl was walking through the kitchen where we were preparing food and… SNEEZE. Droplets aerosolizing everywhere. :smack: Yeah, my husband and I - and a number of people at that gathering - were sick as dogs within a week.

Makes no sense to me - you’re washing your hands after touching the soap dispenser! Even if it was loaded with the nastiest of bugs, you’re washing your hands immediately after touching it. Insanity!

That’s awesome! I had seen something similar to that sold online but those were cardboard & disposable. There are so many situations where something like that would be useful.

The office building I work in recently installed one hand sanitizer dispenser at the elevator banks on every floor. One woman in the same branch as me has a habit of cleaning her desk with bleach, and one time claimed something in a wall phone bit her. :rolleyes:

I can’t breathe in a Lysol cloud either and I don’t have asthma.

Yep, the touchless soap dispenser is the most useless device ever invented.

This. Our bodies are designed to keep out germs naturally. It doesn’t always work, but if we didn’t have these defenses, then mysophobia (the word for the fear of germs) would definitely be justified. As it is, a little dirt isn’t going to kill you.

Honestly, if germs are going to go anywhere, they’re going to enter through orifices like the nose or mouth, rather than through skin. If they enter through skin, it would have to be through an open sore.

Just one step closer to telephone sanitizers.