Okay, we give in! We're buying a Wii for Christmas. What do we buy?

Okay, so my husband and I (35 and 37 respectively) are childless by choice, but kids at heart. :smiley: With the new price reduction on the Wii we are finally going to make the plunge. So, please tell me everything we need on Christmas morning.

So far I have added to my Amazon cart:

-Wii console $199.99
-Extra Wii Controller with “FREE” Wii Play Game $44.96
-Wii Resort Plus Special Edition with One Free Motion Plus Accessory $46.99
-Extra Motion Plus Accessory $17.96
-Wii Fit Plus with Balance Board $97.99
-Wii Charging Station with Frustration Free Packaging $19.95 ($5.00 cheaper than with FRUSTRATING packaging - what a deal!)
-Super Mario Brothers Special Edition Gift Set $59.99
-Toy Story Mania $39.99
-MarioKart Wii with Wii Wheel $$44.99
-Extra Wii Wheel $9.99

Total So Far: $570 (I rounded up)

Are we missing anything? Do we need the nunchuck controller? Anything else? Are there extra batteries, etc?


If you like action/fighting games you might consider Super Smash Brothers (Which also has a pretty long and nice 2 player co-op mode in it as well), and it’s tons of fun to play online w/ 4 peep even.

Rockband 2 for the Wii or Beatles Rockband is certainly an option as well to consider, but that’ll REALLY set you back in $$.

I personally get hours of entertainment on Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort, plus the fact that you can pick up games online.

ooh- if you get some downloaded old video games- I HIGHLY recommend “Toe Jam And Earl” from Sega as a great mellow funky 2 player game.

The nunchuk thing depends on the games you play (you’d need it for smash brothers and a few of the Wii sport resort games or Wii Sport Boxing).
I know you don’t need it for the Mario Kart, and not sure about if you do for the Toy Story or Mario Bro’s game.

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If you’re not anti-WalMart, I am pretty sure this week if you buy a Wii you get a $50 gift card. My bf almost bought on Saturday but decided against it.

Super Mario Bros. Galaxy is the best game we’ve played – the 3D effect semi-spoiled us for 2D Mario games. That was until I got Super Mario Bros. Wii, which I play so much I am dreaming about it at night!

We are also in our 40s and childless. It’s a toy for us, too. :slight_smile:

I would buy a second nunchuck because for some Wii Sports and Fit games you will need it.

Also pick up the game Super Mario Galaxy.

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What is this? I can’t find it on Amazon.

I’ve also never heard of Toy Story Mania. Maybe you’re huge Toy Story fans. But it got a pretty terrible rating on IGN.com - I’d personally go with Mario Galaxy. Or Super Smash Bros. Smash is a fighting game that anyone can play. The controls are really about as complex as you want them to be, and it’s incredibly addictive.

Ah - after looking at the review, Toy Story is basically a collection of mini games. I think you’ll find Wii Sports, Wii Fit and Wii Sports Resort to cover plenty of mini-games to keep you busy.

Other than that, I think you’re in great shape. That’s a lot to digest at first, so make sure you get your money’s worth.


Nice! The clings are nice - but the lunchbox is a clincher.

Oh - if the OP has an HDTV, you might benefit from some component cables. monoprice.com has them for less than $4. While you’re there (and if you don’t like the clings), they sell colored silicone sleeves for your controllers for really cheap, and they’re nice to keep them separated. Totally unnecessary though.

If for some reason your Wii is far away from your TV, you might need to get a wireless sensor bar.

Do you have an SD card? If you get any downloadable material, it could come in handy. Up to 32 GB will work.

Not to sound too much like a ultraboardnerd but wouldn’t even a cursory glance across a few pages of this forum answer the questions in here? Let alone a search?

This question is asked almost daily for some reason.

I played Toy Story Mania at E3 and had some fun wit it but I can’t see it being worth $40.

I would actually recommend to the OP that thet purchase Link’s Crossbow Training instead. A very similar “shooting gallery” type game, except that’s it’s really good, comes with the Wii Zapper accessory, and is only $20!

Instead of getting the extra Wii remote with the WiiPlay game, which is pretty lame, look for the package that comes with a nunchuck and MarioKart wheel. (See here) It’s a better deal.

“Wii” is too short to search on.

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If you find you like the balance board, you should keep it clean with a sleeve, and you can burn some extra calories buy using an proper aerobic step.

However, the average user doesn’t know most of this stuff. This means that there will likely continue to be a bunch of Wii threads, unless someone makes the Google search more obvious.

Also, you don’t need the extra + sign on the Wii, Google includes all words by default.

Finally, in general, different people like different sorts of games. A thread that’s good for one type of gamer won’t be good for another. And I’ve yet to see a thread ask about accessories.

The average user doesn’t know how to scan a page of threads? Chalk me up as doubtful. I have a considerable amount of faith that the average SDMB poster isn’t a moron.

Oh, just deal with people asking about the Wii and Wii games. There’s plenty of room for all questions.