Okay, what's next?

A while back I posted about some yahoo plowing into my fence (obligatory link).

Next up on the hit parade: a motorcycle sideswiped my car, busting up the passenger’s mirror before wobbling off into the night. No plates, of course. I’m not even going to bother reporting this one to the insurance company; I Krazy-Glued it and will eventually get around to epoxying the damn thing back into place (it falls off about once every other day still). I’m just ticked about it on principle.

Then, the crew working on the road by my house knocked over one of our cherry trees. Guess the guy driving the rig wasn’t paying attention to the frantic homeowner waving at him from the porch, the guys screaming into radios, or the crunchy noises from behind as he oh-so-slowly backed over the tree and came to rest in my driveway. NNnnnrrrgghh. The supervisor had a check cut to me to get it replaced by a local nursery, but it’s gonna be years before the new one’s up to height or fruiting, assuming it takes to begin with.

And then, this past Friday – trash collection day in my neighborhood – the city garbage truck ran into my goddamn house. No, I am not joking. A significant section of roof is buckled and warped, the utility pole on the corner nearest it is listing, the rain gutter’s been ripped off all the way down that side, the facing is shot to hell… it’s a mess. And to top it off, the form the supervisor gave us to fill out to claim damages against the city, if I’m reading it right, would grant the city carte blanche to tell us to fuck off if they don’t like how much the estimate turns out to be. We’ve got a call into a couple of lawyers now to see what we should do, but, damn.

What. The Hell. Next? Did all my property suddenly grow signs saying “Fuck with me” that I’m somehow unable to see? This is a lousy, lousy year.

Damn, dude! You have my sympathies!

I only hope you’re not near an airport…

Whoa! I did indeed think you were joking about the garbage truck running into your house after I first read it, but wow, that’s awful. I’m sorry to hear about all the bad stuff. But it sounds like you’re due for some good luck soon. The law of averages applies around your house too, right?

but not your tailpipe

(apologies to the OP; he made me do it)

Hmm - I am torn between frogs or locusts. Do you have a preference?

Egads. Sofaspud, have you been taking the names of various ill-tempered dieties in vain lately?