Oklahoma "Black Title" for a car. What is it? Need answer fast!

I’ve tried the ok.gov sites, but can’t seen to come up with what a “black title” for a vehicle is.

Is it salvage, junk, non-op, tax lien? Help me out, Oklahoma Dopers!

Looking at a car that will go fast (maybe).

Title for a non road worthy vehicle.
You have only so long to switch the title if you buy a car. If it can’t get a regular tag due to EPA, INS or just no rear axle, the owner needs to keep it titled because without a title, you will much trouble getting your title.

Here in AR, we can get a black tag, have not asked if we need a black title.

Spent 54 years in Tulsa & I am not sure they still have, ever had, a black title or the need for one.

Stop at any tag office and they can tell you off the top of their head.

Or Google is your friend.


Non-roadworthy, huh? Would someone get a “black title” for a car they didn’t intend to drive? In Nevada, we call that a “non-op”. Or, does it mean The State of Oklahoma says this thing doesn’t pass inspection, and in therefor “Marked”?

Not so friendly this time. That’s the first thing I pulled up, and nothing about Black Titles.

But thanks so far!

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