Oktoberfest Micros

So, it seems that fall is nigh upon us once more, what with the chilly nights, shorter days, school buses on the roads, and rich, malty, flavorful beers in the coolers of our local b double e double r u-n. Since I work part-time in a shop that prides itself on carrying the more diverse and eclictic out there, I’ve got a few new ones to try.

So far, I’ve had the Brooklyn, Summit, and Great Lakes. I’ve got to go with the Great Lakes. The Brooklyn is technically masterful, as per usual, but lacks a certain something. Too precise, perhaps. The Summit is good, but kinda clean, low in flavor. Good for a long session, perhaps, as it’s easy to drink, but kinda boring as a one timer. The GL is smooth, with just the right hop balance.

Still to come- the Bells, and the German imports. And one or two I can’t recall at this point.

So, what’s your 'fest choice?


Song For Elvis

2 lbs. Klages malt
2 lbs. Munich malt
.5 lb. Victory malt

Mash above at 152º for 1 hour.


4 lbs. Alexander’s Pale DME


1 oz Hallertaur 60 min.

.75 oz Hallertaaur 45 min.

.5 oz Saaz 15 min.
Wyeast Bavarian liquid yeast in a 1 liter starter.
This beer owned the Las Vegas Winterfest Homebrew contest 3 years running. Would you like to see the Best-Of-Show trophy? :smiley:

At the risk of further hijacking my own thread, that looks like a decent recipe. Might have to give it a try this weekend. How long did you live it in the secondary, and does it do well in a keg? What’re your thoughts on liquid vs dry ME? I’m used to liquid, since the first store I went to didn’t carry dry, but I see a fair amount of dry being listed.

ETA: [/hijack] Surely, you drink someting besides homebrew? Any opinions on micro 'fests?

According to my notes, I brewed it on 11/6, and bottled it on 12/18. No idea the division, but I usually leave brews in the primary for 4-5 days, then rack to secondary. Liquid ME will do in this recipe, but you will sacrifice some color. LME tends to be darker then the DME.

Wherein, your druthers. I’d try a Irlbacher Premium Gäubodenfestbierto be pedestrian. A Röhrlbräu Gäubodener for maximum drinkability and enjoyment. And a Karmeliten Festbier to remember all that is real and worthy.

Bell’s- Close to Great Lakes. Being a West Michigan establishment, and Midwest craftbrew pioneer, I’ll give it to Bell’s.

Germans- Well, we keep selling out before I get back to the store, so my only choice was Erdinger’s Weizen. I like the change-up that the wheat provides.