Olbermann calls for Bush & Cheney to resign

Which is precisely why it won’t happen. President Pelosi? My heavens!

IF it were to happen (big, big IF), Cheney would resign for “health reasons”, a new VP would be appointed (Fred Thompson, perhaps), and then Bush would resign a la Nixon and the new prez would appoint a new VP. Then Hillary would be elected in a landslide come November 2008 along with VP Obama. A year or so later, Olbermann’s rants would shift to them.

So is Olbermann.

Olberman is almost as much a meanie as Fitzgerald. :wink:

GW is just your typical Joe, way out of his depth and trying to lie his way to the end of his term. Geez.

I guess he’s a three-trick pony (Bush, Limbaugh, O’Reilly) but he’s getting to be pretty predictable and much less entertaining.

I suppose the purpose of the Presidential pardon, etc. is to provide a check and balance for the judiciary branch. I cannot fathom that the founding fathers could foresee how it’s been used in modern times. It’s a disgrace.

I was going all Hiro Nakamura at the end of that, shouting “Villians! They’re VILLIANS!”

I am so sick of this stupid adminstration. They’re bloody villians for sure.

Punchline is that they think that they are the grownups, the sober and mature men who make tough decisions for the good of all, and the rest of us are just misguided rubes misled by a bunch of dirty fucking hippies. Except for those of use who are dirty fucking hippies, of course.

Except, a new VP can’t take office without confirmation by Congress pursuant to the 25th Amendment.

Well, we as a people don’t know all that much about Nancy Pelosi, yet. Nevertheless, I hope even you would concede, as would most of the American people, that a President Pelosi would be immeasurably preferable to a President Bush or a President Cheney! It’s on a level with 2 + 2 = 4!

That’s what I don’t get. This is not my hatred of the administration talking, I just don’t think Bush is very smart. At all. I would almost give Georgie a pass on this, because it’s just the bull in a china shop approach that you’d expect from this rube.

But the rest… Rove, Cheney, even Rummy, these guys are extremely astute, career pols. I detest Rove and his policies, but I wouldn’t for a second underestimate his political skills.

How can men like these just keep on defying the American people, the Constitution, the courts, the American Way™? They have to have polls and stats and just plain political acumen to see how this shit will play. The only explanation that I can see is they are still drunk with power from 6 years of carte blanche given by an enabling Republican congress.

Well, IMHO, if you don’t get dirty while fucking hippies you’re doing something very, very wrong. :wink:

Immeasurably preferable? No. On a level of 2 +2 = 4? No. Why would it be? Because a self-important geek on a left-wing messageboard says so?

You overestimate yourself, and I cannot be the first person to have noticed that.

I know opinions vary wildly on Ms. Pelosi, I rather like her. I think the 2+2=4 part comes when you consider that Bugs Bunny would be preferable to Bush or Cheney as president.

True, but even the Democratic Congress would confirm Thompson, formerly one of their own and one with no skeletons in his closet, just as they confirmed Ford 30 some years ago when Agnew resigned and the specter of Watergate was over Nixon.

Olbermann was right about everything but Nixon having integrity and deciding to resign. Nixon didn’t decide to go until Howard Baker and other Senate Republicans told him the jig was up.

You think today’s Pub leaders haven’t told Bush as much? Nixon had the sense to say “Whoa! Am I that out of touch?” I need to maybe rethink this.

Bush’s response is full speed ahead! Damn the torpedos! If you ain’t fer us yer agin us.

See now, the majority of the voters in the 2004 election disagreed with you, didn’t they?

Some people are slow learners.

That was 3 years ago. An eternity in political terms.

OK, but how does that show that Bugs Bunny/Nancy Pelosi would be preferable?