Olbermann calls for Bush & Cheney to resign

Video and transcript here.

An awesome classic rant!

Damn that was hot.


Very nicely done.

But nothing will come of it (sadly enough).

Wow. I’d hate to be a kitten in his path after that.

Heh. I’m sending it to my UltraCon Uncle.

Before I even watch the vid (he does get (wonderfully) long-winded), Bush and Cheney out would make Pelosi Prez?

Yeah! I’m down! :smiley:

Olbermann’s nothing more than a partisan hack.

I don’t think Cheney or Bush watch Countdown.

I call for them to resign to!
It’ll have the same effect as his call.

Don’t see your point with that link.

That little clip is going to be the very first thing I show my Government classes this fall. Beautiful.

Damn! I don’t watch Olberman, except when I see a clip on the internet. I guess he rants every night.

But he keeps coming up with these over-the-top rants. Each one more sensational than the last. And each one more to the point than the last. His anger and contempt are palpable. I can’t imagine why John Q. Public isn’t JUST as angry.

Comparing Libby’s commutation/pardon/deal/golden parachute to the Saturday Night Massacre is brilliant. Then showing how Nixon “knew not what he had done” but then had the integrity to back off. Do what’s best for the country. Not wanting to put the country thru the impeachment process.

And showing that that scourge of 20th century politics, that embarrassment, is STILL better than the conduct of Bushco and the current administration… that is nearly historical. On par with (Olberman’s idol) Edward R. Murrow.

Bring these criminals to justice! Now!

I’m all wet.

I just went for a run, so it could be sweat, but Olbermann cannot be ruled out as a cause.

Good idea. I wasn’t all that upset (or surprised) about the Libby pardon, until Olbermann reminded me that, oh yeah, we do have a judicial system. I don’t mean to say that your class will be as dense as I am, but you know there are people saying “So what if he lied? We’ve seen worse.” Olbermann spells it out, and quoting John Wayne to do it is pretty smart.

Its just this kind of hysterical, confrontational style which is why you guys never win any elections!

Yeah, my mom just got it too.

Wonder how long it’ll take for THAT reply.

No, he doesn’t. He only does the “Special Comments” when there’s a spike in the bullshit.

Olbermann has taken a position against this administration. That doesn’t make him a partisan hack.

I too don’t see the point of your link, except that it includes a ridiculous definition of “partisan hack.”

I hope the next thing you show them is Network. (Somebody lock Bush and Olbermann in a cage together! Put it on Pay-Per-View and we’d be able to pay off the debt!)