President Barack Obama is a shameful hypocrite.

Even if you agree with his policies. Even if you think he’s a good father/ role model. Even if you think he’s better than Bush43/ McCain/ Romney. Even if you think Abraham Lincoln, Woodrow Wilson, and Franklin Roosevelt were great men. How can you endorse this man for office?

I’m not bothered by this

Because the alternative is the Republicans. I don’t like him, I don’t respect him, I don’t think he’s a good person or a good leader; but when the alternative is the Republicans almost anyone is better.

Because he’s better than any GOP alternative.

RationalWiki on Obama (non-copyrighted material):

(RationalWiki is wrong on one point: I was active in the New Party myself, and it was not a Marxist organization, not even socialist, merely social-democratic/progressive. The nearest analogue now active is the non-socialist Working Families Party. If you’re looking for an actual socialist organization, try the Democratic Socialists of America or the Socialist Party USA, each of which includes many Marxists, but neither of which is a Marxist organization.)

Because you are a fan of unhindered executive power or because you are a fan of other things he has done that outweigh this blatant hypocrisy?

Do you feel like George Bush was engaged with deception of this magnitude?

Hell, yeah, and much more! Obama is only using the “unitary executive” powers and shit as W expanded them.

Also from RationalWiki: [

On the specific issue of government transparency, do you think Obama is better than Romney would be?

Could you post examples of Bush attempting to silence dissent while simultaneously engaging in egomaniacal schemes to assassinate American citizens without judicial oversight?

Bush lied like he breathed, constantly. As for the big lies, as much as a moron-puppet as he was it’s hard to tell what lies were his and which were Cheney & friends.

Yes the war in Iraq was based on lies. As was the “war” in libya

He isn’t a Republican. For that I will forgive all sins, real and imagined.

I’m fine with Obama doing this

:dubious: Why does a genuine civil war/revolution deserve scare-quotes? And what were the “lies”? None on Obama’s part.

The Bush admin wrapped intelligence around a pre-conceived conclusion to invade Iraq. The WMD evidence was flimsy, inappropriately encompassing chem warfare and involving nuclear evidence suspiciously fabricated by foreign intelligence agencies.

What parallel deceptions were involved in the Libyan war? I’m not aware of any.

:rolleyes: :dubious: I recall the move to incarcerate American citizens without judicial oversight began under W. As for “silencing dissent,” W/Cheney made an art-form of it, with their controlled access to W’s public events, “free speech zones,” the war on science, ordering the CDC to stop gathering data on the effectiveness of sex-ed programs when no “abstinence-only” programs proved effective, suppressing scientific findings on climate change, firing USAG’s who wouldn’t go along with the voter-fraud hunt, etc., etc. – here, RationalWiki again:

As for Obama “silencing dissent”:

That said, I don’t approve one little bit of the Obama Admin’s Kill List or its war on whistleblowers; but, as I see no reason whatsoever to expect better of Romney or the Pubs in those nor in any respects, Obama’s still my man, and should be yours, too, if you love America at all.

Here’s the big picture objection to the OP though. The ACLU has little pull under Democratic Administrations, but even less during Republican ones. At least the Democrats don’t refer to it as the “Criminal’s Lobby.”

Kevin Drum reviews Daniel Klaidman’s Kill or Capture, a book about the Obama Admin’s terrorism policy. "…what happened to the idealistic Obama of the 2008 campaign who was going to shut down Guantanamo, end indefinite detention, try terrorist suspects in civilian courts, take civil liberties more seriously, and end the rabid secrecy of the Bush era? "

Well Obama knew he would be hammered by the Republicans. And public opinion was never especially sympathetic to shipping the Guantanamo inmates to mainland courts.* But the plain fact is that if the entire national security apparatus and the opposition party and public opinion and your own party are pretty much all lining up on the same side, there’s not much a president can do. That’s right, behind closed doors Democratic congressional reps pilloried those who advocated any small loosening of the national security state.

This is not to say that there are no differences between the parties on the subject. Stopping the “War on Terror” rhetoric flummoxed Bin Laden and Al Quada. Ending waterboarding was an ethical decision which I support. And while drone attacks certainly merit monitoring and will inevitably blow back on us, my outrage on the subject is decidedly checked. It ain’t torture and the alternatives are not pleasant.

  • I’m not sure why. It seems to me to be a terrific money spinner for a small town on the border of a military base.


When I think of a republican president, I resolve to vote for Obama be he live or be he dead.

This. I agree with a lot of the other stuff, but it boils down to this. I don’t think that Obama was the best person for President, but he was better than any of the people that the Republicans put up. The Republicans (and when I say “The Republicans”, I mean the people who are currently making Republican policies and platforms) are trying to take this country back to what they regard as the Golden Age of the 1950s, when wimmin and colored folk knew their places, dammit! Big business and big religion rule the Republican party, and can do no wrong.

I don’t agree with the Democratic platform 100%. But I find very little in the Republican platform that I can agree with. In fact, right now I can’t think of ANYTHING that I agree with the Republicans about. Surely there’s something…but I can’t think of anything.