Olbermann rant about Michael Chertoff's GUT

I just caught this on the news MSNBC/Olbermann

While I know it’s a partisan rant by Olbermann, I have to say that he expressed my feeling exactly. When are these partisan hacks in the Bush Admistration gonna learn that they only shoot themselves in the foot when they do this. Surely the general populace isn’t totally stupid. Or maybe I’m too partisan for my own good.

Chertoff’s remarks from this week include

Chertoff should have been gone after Katrina. But he lingers on.

Sorry, not an over-the-top rant. Almost sad. Sad for the state of my current government.

Sometime between 7ish and 11:45 today on NPR Chertoff said he thought of his ‘gut instinct’ more as an ‘informed conclusion’. Can we say 'backpedal into a steaming load of horseshit? Hunches are not based on facts at all, let alone reasoned thought.

Is he getting enough fiber? Is there some way we can insist that he does?

It was a pretty good rant, as they go, but weak in comparison with past tirades. And some of the interviews he conducts are too reminiscent of Fox Gnaws. Or Kent Brockman

“So, Doctor, would you advise our listeners to break open their neighbor’s heads and feast on the gooey insides?”

“Yes, I would, Kent”

All that money wasted on a terrorism defense system when we had this secret weapon all the time. Homeland security is now assured.

I know. I’m running out of gas. While I know you didn’t mean it, I DID have more energy when I said Going out on a limb. There AIN’T any WMD, you stupid shits. But, hey, we’re all young and foolish sometime.

I’m sure there’s a secret prison somewhere in Rumania where it could arranged.

Oh, you meant Olbermann.

[Emily L.] Nevermind[/Emily L.]

The brilliance and perspicacity of our mods goes without saying, its almost vulgar to refer to it, like farting aloud in church.

I was actually thinking of him eating the fiber, I hadn’t considered alternative means of introduction.

When I saw this same headline on my CNN email alerts, my first thought was, “must be a vote coming up soon they want people to ignore.”

You misspelled restaurant. And China.

Uh huh.

Summer of 2004.

Summer of 2003.

Pardon me if I stop paying attention.

You’ve still got your duct tape and plastic sheeting in the basement though, right?
My gut tells me that anything less could be unsafe.

It’s a win-win for the administration every time they pull this stunt. If the attack comes, they can say “See, we told you! We told you there’d be an attack but once those wimpy Democrats took control of Congress, this was bound to happen.” If the attack doesn’t come they can say “See, in spite of those namby-pamby Democrats, we’ve kept you safe from the boogeyman.”

I see he’s from the Stephen Colbert school of governing.
You can’t even satirize this administration because, to the horror of most, they behave even worse than the joke you’ve made. Let’s nominate The Onion for a Pulitzer.

Waddya expect? Being full of shit often produces a gut feeling.

Oh, well. At least they’ve stopped dicking with the Terrorism Alert Color. (Did so right after the 2004 election. As some of us predicted they would. :p.)

Must’ve been a slow rant day for Olbermann.

The whole point of the “Al Qaida strongest than since 9/11” propaganda released at this moment in time wasn’t so much to scare the American public about another attack on U.S.soil, as it was to bolster support for spending more blood and treasure in the Mesopotamian Vortex.

Every single article (all based on an AP story I think) I read about this before today consisted of two different stories. The first half laid the smokescreen by mentioning some intel report warning about Al Qaida’s new-found power emanating from the Afghanistan/Pakistan border area. Then suddenly, halfway through the story we get this:

WTF? Iraq? What does that have to do with this?? Oh. I see now! You are actually going to spin this into another argument to stay in Iraq for many more corner-turns and Friedmans, aren’t you? (BTW, which is longer a “corner-turn” or a “Friedman”?)

I guess this line of bull will work as long as most of the dunderheads believe that those fighting in Iraq as “Al Qaida” are of the same group that attacked the USA in 2001.

At least when CNN.com gave their version of the government handout today they lopped off the part about Iraq entirely.

On a side-note: does Chertoff’s gut turn different colors to indicate the present threat level?

And on a side to the side-note, I want to take this opportunity to say again how ridiculous the color-coded warning system is if for no other reason than it is effectively binary-- a choice between only two levels of danger-- since it only moves back-and-forth between Yellow and Orange. It will never be Blue or Green, and it will never be Red unless we have already been attacked, at which point it doesn’t matter.

So that’s the best they can do as a warning system “Yes” or “No”, “Black” or “White”? I suppose it shouldn’t surprise me coming from an administration so discriminating that it labels every entity in the world as “with us” or “against us”.

(on edit-- did they really stop using the dandy candy-colored alert system? Did they just change it to: Yes or No?)

Versatile guy, that Chertoff. Had no idea he was a theoretical physicist. Taking bets on whether he beats out Stephen Hawking for recognized completion of the Grand Unification Theory! :slight_smile:

Aw, man, I was hoping this would link to a video of Keith Olbermann making fun of Chertoff for being fat.

"Over the course of the last six years of this administration, it has become increasingly clear that Michael Chertoff is a fatty fat-ass McPhaterson. Not since the days of William Howard Taft has the White House been host to such a shameless display of corpulence. Mr. Chertoff, I say to you: lose some weight, blob butt.

I’m Keith Olbermann. Good night, and good luck."