Old calendars--- where is yours?

Now, I ain’t no candidate for the Supreme Court.
And actually, I ain’t never done nothin’ that would make people wanna investigate my 17th year of life. (which was about a half century ago).
And I don’t particularly want to remember all the details of my high school days.It was awkward enough at the time, and I have no need to wallow in all the specifics now.

But our ol’ buddy Brett Kavanaugh, I guess he’s a special kind of guy.
So he decided to preserve his calendar from 1982.

Am I the only one who’s totally taken by surprise by this calendar?
Not by the contents of it—but by the fact that it even exists?

How many teenagers save their calendar anyway? And for 36 years?.
Or is this a thing, and I’m the weird one who never did it?

Maybe I’m missing out on some fond memories, I dunno.
So tell me: How common was it for high school kids to save their calendars ?
Do you still have yours from 1982? Would you want to?

I actually may have a day planner with notes like that from '87, when I was seventeen. :o
However, unlike Brett Kavanaugh*, I did have sex that year!

I have a computer printed Snoopy “Curse you red baron!” calendar for a year during grad school. Just a couple of 14x11 computer paper sheets, “pic” at top and the whole year on the bottom. Not enough room to write hardly anything. I used it to keep track of the school terms. Not just for the classes I was taking but for the ones I was teaching. E.g., term start, finals week, holidays, etc. There are a few personal notes but just circles and highlights. No room for “Ask buddies to cover up my sex crimes.” or anything.

That’s it.

We keep around the last few years of wall calendars so we can check on certain things. But once in a while the old ones get chucked.

I I don’t see why people are so hung up on saving calendars. People save everything. They save their journals. Calendars are sort of like journals. I assume that people just toss them into boxes full of papers and stick them in the garage and never look at them again.

Way back when I was in high school, there was a calendar on the wall in our kitchen. Every month, we tore off the old page and tossed it. I honestly don’t recall my mom writing anything on it - I certainly didn’t use it myself.

How did I get thru high school and college without a personal calendar/diary thingie?? In fact, how do I survive today without one? I must be some sort of mutant… :eek:

OK, I do put appointments in Outlook so I don’t forget when the gutter cleaners are coming over.

I never kept a calendar as a student, but maintain one for work. I’ve got the past 17 years worth in a cabinet behind my desk.

I had month-at-a-glance calendars* from somewhere around my junior year of high school until I switched to DayTimers when I went to college. I used those until I switched to a Day-Runners (IIRC) sometime in my mid-20s. Around 1998, I switched to Microsoft Outlook, and unfortunately I lost several years in a data backup snafu. But I digitized all my old DayTimers when I first got a PC in 1993 and later migrated it to Google Calendar, so still have a remarkable amount of all that data, 1987-present. One day, I will collect all of my existing Outlook calendar data and migrate it to Google Calendar as well, so I have an (almost) continuous record in one place.

  • Which I very much regret to say got lost somewhere along the way, or possibly purged when I went to college.

ETA: I also have all my significant non-cash financial transactions from 1987 or so on, as well, though accessing the oldest of them requires firing up some Windows 3.1 and Win98 apps in Virtual PCs. So, even though I may not have a calendar entry saying “I was in such-and-such a place on these dates,” I can find credit card entries showing purchases made, etc. On another “one day,” I hope to integrate some of that into the calendar data.

I have a diary from my senior year in high school. Even though it had a lock and key, I wrote all the good stuff in shorthand. Which I can no longer read. I remember the most important things but there is a lot there that will remain a mystery.

I have running log books back to the 1970s, but that is slightly different that a calendar. I think that it is unusual to have a calendar back that far, but not unheard of. Running was important to me back then, so I saved records of it. Maybe Kav felt that those activities were important, so he saved records of it.

I used to have 3 paper, monthly calendars.
[li]Mileage log - how much I rode in a day. Those I kept to be able to do a year over year comparison. All that data is kept electronically for a number of years now due to getting a GPS watch, but I still have the old ones in the basement.[/li][li]Custom photo calendar - a calendar I made of pics I took from the previous year. They were never written in, & I keep those; more of a photo log of my 13 (cover) best pics of the last year rather than a calendar.[/li][li]Calendar of appointments & stuff. Tossed on or before Dec 31st.[/li][/ul]

I jotted down stuff on a wall calendar in high school.

Mostly exam dates and deadlines for school projects. I always noted the last day of school and when the week of Scout Camp.

I don’t remember writing down movie nights. That was usually not planned more than a day or two ahead of time.

Those calendars were in a box for a long time. I’m sure they got tossed after my parents sold the old family home

I was also surprised… I save lots of stuff, too much in fact, but calendars from high school? Nope.

As a great man once said;

I probably have mine - but I’d need to look. I throw stuff like that in a box; when it’s filled I start another one. I have them going back 50+ years - probably 30 boxes in the basement. I have this illusion that someday I will sort and organize. The boxes aren’t hurting anyone so there they sit. About a year ago I did dig out some semi-valuable Beatle memorabilia (trading cards, fan magazines, posters, etc.) from the 1960-1970 boxes and sold it for $500…so my hoarding isn’t a total loss.

I agree with the OP. When I saw, on TV, mention of Kavanaugh’s calendar, I literally said “What the Fuck???” to the TV. I guess it takes all kinds.

We buried a time capsule as a senior class. I put in my jr/Sr diary. It’s to be dug up in 2050. So if I need any evidence for a Senate hearing I have it. Just in case, yep, I was thinking ahead. I am smart that way.:wink:

Senior year calendar! I wrote mine in shorthand too–but first I translated it into Russian. Nobody was ever gonna unlock the secrets of my senior year. I actually meant this unbreakable code to keep my mother out. But the thing is fully encrypted even to the encrypter. And my shorthand was never really all that good anyway. I may or may not still have it. I thought about throwing it away and I don’t remember if I actually did.

The diaries from junior high? I threw those out so fast. Sometimes I think I should have kept them and published it (anonymously) as “Memoirs of a Teen-aged Asshole.” I actually think I burned them. This is why it’s so important to me always to have a fireplace in my house.

I started keeping a daily journal on December 25, 1962, the day I turned eight. I have kept one every day since then, and I have them all. I used a one year card calendar for every year to keep track of the pages, and they are all in them too.

Now here’s a question - it has been shown that the act of writing something down aids in storing it in your memory. Cite. Do you find that to be true?

For me, I do not have a journal/calendar, but I do have a check-stub of every check I have ever written. By looking at them I am triggered to remember specific events.

Since we are tangentially discussing Kavanaugh, I am suspicious of his claims to not recall, based on what I wrote (yes, anecdotally!) in my first two sentences.

I know someone who got a brand new diary for her 8th b-day; she recently found it in her parents house & created a separate IG page to post screen shots of the important details of her life; it’s actually pretty funny. The long posts are all of three sentences & it’s amazing how many ‘best’ friends an 8yo can have.