Old child's acid reflux remedy: Melacom?

My mom is trying to tell some people how she dealt with my upset stomach as an infant. She asked me how to spell a word that sounds like “Melacom,” but I can’t find anything like it on Google. It’s a liquid antacid that was pink. Do any of you know what I’m talking about, and thus how to spell it?

Also, do you happen to know if it’s still available?

Mylicon drops? It’s not an antacid, but it relieves gas.

The active ingredient, Simethicone, is considered effective for upper GI gas in kids and adults. It’s not been found to be helpful for reflux disease. It won’t help lower GI gas either.

It’s thought to “possibly” be useful for colic.

It sounds like that’s it. It has been a while since she used it, so she might have forgotten exactly what it was used for. She just remembers the doctor telling her to use it when I had an upset stomach, and that it apparently worked. Plus, as a baby, I probably wasn’t the most articulate about what specifically was wrong.

BTW, is infant reflux different from adult reflux? When I was looking for the answer before posting here, I found that different terms were used.