Old Disney Record "Just So Stories" Help!

Hoping perhaps a Doper might have aline on this. I had the album when I was a kid, been looking for a copy for years and years.

It was a Disney record of Kipling’s “Just So Stories” read by Sterling Holloway, including, most memorably, “The Cat Who Walked By Himself”.

I loved this record…can anyone help?

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If this is the one you are looking for, it’s available in this auction on eBay until 10:29 PM (PSTP Thursday, 11/11/99. The current bid is only $5.15; Good Luck!!


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Let’s all get together and bid the price way up!!

Since nobody really cares but Stoidela she’ll have to pay through the nose!!

Who’s with me??

“Vandelay!! Say Vandelay!!”

Satan bids four million dollars… :slight_smile:

Yer pal,

Wow… what timing. Thank you!

(Now if I only had a turntable…)