old farts, young culture

To all old farts such as myself: do you find that as you get older you have less desire to keep abreast of what’s going on in music, fashion, TV and movies, etc? To pick only two examples: Twitter: ok, I’m vaguely aware it’s some sort of text messaging format. Don’t have one, don’t need one, don’t want one. Twilight: some sort of romanticized/sexualized take on the vampire mythos. Not interested in the details.

Or am I just socially withdrawn?

Definitely. I am 72. Somewhere between age 65 and 70 I had this epiphany - seems to have been the result of an accumulation of life’s experiences and not precipitated by anything specifically - I am 99.44% irrelevant. My spouse cares a little bit. The doctor and dentist who will get a small co-pay twice a year care a little bit. That is it.

Yeah, and I’m only 44.:stuck_out_tongue:

As a younger person, I was very much into popular music, as well as following a lot of the popular shows on TV. Now, even though I still enjoy music, there’s fairly little of what’s popular today that appeals to me. Similarly, there are very few shows (particularly on the broadcast networks) that I watch at all.

Yeah, especially music, technology, and fashion.

I do want to keep abreast of what people are reading and watching, but I’m not at all interested in books, film, or TV specifically aimed at teenagers/twenty-somethings.

I’m an old fart (born in 1968), and I accept that I’m hardly at the cutting edge anymore. There is however a certain crossover with the young team in the local - I’ll point someone to a set that Richie Hawtin or Aphex Twin did years ago, or The Velvet Underground, Cocteau Twins or Husker Du if they’re looking for bands for example and I’ll get a link to a set by Surgeon or whatever that drills the fucking face off in return.

I really can’t dance like I used to though.

You ain’t an auld yin if you’re posting on an MB at 72.

Video games, Twitter, cell phones, text messaging, prime time television — I don’t give a hoot.

At 43 (next Friday), I like a lot of current music, I watch some current tv, and I am entertained by Twitter. I don’t bother with MySpace or Facebook and I don’t like current fashions. I’ll watch current movies if they interest me. “Twilight” hasn’t interested me enough to see it yet, but I might. In other words, I take what interests me from modern culture and leave the rest.

ETA: Old farts dismissing modern music completely is a pet peeve of mine - sure, there’s a lot of crap out there, but there was in the 70’s and 80’s, too. You still have to look a little to find the good stuff. Getting recommendations from sources like other Dopers is a good way to find the stuff worth listening to.

I don’t want to end up like my mom - after my father died 10 years ago, everything in her house remained the same. Same toaster oven, same telephone/answering machine, microwave, major appliances. When they break down and need replacing, there is a hellish transition as mom tries to adapt to a NEW (and according to her, inferior) machine. She knows, however, more about celebrities and their doings than I do. … My father was the one, up on all the latest gadgets, cars, and technology, and if he was alive today he would have the best computer, a Prius, and a cell phone with all the bells and whistles…Myself, I have no use for a cell phone, Facebook, or tweeting; I know what they are but they have no importance in my life. I do keep up with popular culture and fashion, don’t want to dress “old lady” till I have to, and I like TV and movies as much as I ever did. (Though they don’t make 'em like they used to!) Music? Hopelessly stuck in the '80s, but as I’m hardly about to go out clubbing in the foreseeable future, that’s OK.

Another old fart checking in. I lost track of music a few years ago, although my tastes we’re always very eclectic and I still have my KCRW for that.

Twitter? I can’t be bothered. Bunch of narcissistic belching, if you ask me.

Facebook? Yeah, I signed up. I like to see what my peeps are up to, but I don’t post. Again, I can’t be bothered. I think as you get older you don’t put yourself “out there” as much because you realize that, at a certain level, nobody cares! Maybe that’s a result of being married and having kids and working for decades. You get a lot of reinforcement of the notion that other people really don’t care what you have to say.

Twilight? I guess I’m just not their target audience (I’m not a teen girl). I accept that.

What really bothers me about some old farts I know, however, is that they are stuck in a certain year from their youth. They never made any attempt to keep up! They still listen to the music of 1978 or 1982. What’s up with that?

We really need to define “old fart” in age terms. I’m 71 and to me anyone stuck in 1978 or 1982 is a youngster! Actually, I was born an old fart. Even as a kid in grammar school I wasn’t interested in popular culture. I could never understand why the other kids wanted, for example, to dress a certain way just because everyone else was, even if they themselves didn’t find the style attractive. I lost interest in popular music when rock and roll came in; all I listen to now is classical music, music of the 30s and 40s, and the "elevator’ music somewhat popular in the '60s. I read the newspaper everyday, so I am generally aware of what is going on in society, the arts, the general culture, etc., but I have no desire to participate in 99% of it.

C’mon people: if you’re in your 40s, you’re not old. I was rockin’ hard in my 40s, chasing skirts, drinking more than I should, had a kick-ass music system and the latest computer gadgetry. If you’re not having fun at 40+, you’re not old, you’re pathetic.

Now that I’m 62, the music doesn’t do it for me. Not because I’m 62, but because the music largely sucks ass. It’s mostly self-pitying tripe without any talent behind it. There’s been very little worth listening to since the 80s, IMO.

I don’t drink much anymore. Not because I don’t want to, but because it affects me differently and not in a good way.

I don’t chase skirts because I love my present wife and wouldn’t cheat on her. Also, Viagra gives me a crushing headache.

Fashion? Surely you jest. I’ve never been one to buy into current fashion, which has made me fashionable ahead of my time. T-shirts and jeans and my very worn leather jacket work just fine, thanks. I am a registered fashion risk.

I have a Facebook account and chat with my kids and friends on it. I don’t Twitter because I think it’s redundant. I have a laptop that I bought last year and have wireless. I’ll be upgrading to Windows 7 very soon. I know what Wi-Fi is, and know that I’m supposed to capitalize Internet. I have a surround system for my LCD TV, but don’t have Blue Ray and probably won’t get it. I have an iPod and a small house, which makes a large component system irrelevant. All my CDs are uploaded to the iPod and it sits in the docking station in the living room.

Any other stupid questions?

I’m 23 and don’t keep up with a lot of things because I don’t care about a lot of things.

However, anyone with access to urban dictionary and wikipedia can figure out any new trend.

I wonder if I will grow up to have an aversion to learning about new trends. People who grew up from 1950-1990 did not have a whole lot of technology to keep up with. Now there is a new trend you have to learn about every year. Regular email, blogging, facebook, twitter, and google wave are just new ways we have developed to communicate in the past decade (email has been around longer, but you get the picture.) On top of that we have had to figure out phone technology from beepers, to cell phones, to voice mail, to texting, to blackberries and now iphones.

I think that from all my experiences with technology from the time I was a teenager (that would be the years 1998-2009) that I have an ingrained ability to keep up with new technology. I can look at a new gizmo and quickly figure out if it will be useful to me. I wonder if people my age will lose that ability as we get older.

Marginal old fart here. I’m 51, and did most of my growing up in the 70s. I still pretty much keep up with new stuff that appeals to me. I keep one radio button on the classic rock station, and one on the new pop station. I watch old TV shows and new ones, if they’re good. USA Network is currently in a new Golden Age of Drama.

Twitter is misunderstood: I use it as a one-stop shopping news feed. I follow the news sources and other information generators that appeal to me, and they’re all there on one page, feeding me up to the minute info. I don’t send out my own minutia; I’m all about the listening.

Anyway, that’s my take on it. You’re not old until you stop paying attention and stop learning new stuff…TRM

Cat Whisperer said it for me, “I take what interests me from modern culture and leave the rest.”

That’s it exactly, I can be pretty hip on some things. When Twitter first came out I asked the youngsters at a family gathering what this Twitter stuff was all about and got blank stares. I was ahead of them in that I was aware of it but didn’t care enough to pursue it and I’m sure they are all over it now. Same for Facebook/Myspace etc. I don’t have a cellphone, let alone a Blackberry or something that takes apps.

I don’t much care for the pop culture of my youth anymore, either.

I think you’re all missing the point. It’s the next generation’s obligation to do and enjoy things that the old folks don’t understand or pisses them off. I did it to my parents, they did it to their parents, and I fully expect my kids to do it to me. If the old folks like it, it can’t be cool. It’s the natural order of the universe and any thing else would be just plain WRONG. :smiley:

Tweener here, at 53 I’m too young to be an old fart but young enough to still enjoy rockin’ out. I don’t Twitter or Facebook, I rarely drink anymore and I haven’t watched prime time TV in years. I do enjoy some of the newer rock music (Saliva, Sick Puppies) and I am a computer geek.

I am newly single so I need to learn about chasing skirts again, it’s been a while. At my age, I am going to be a lot pickier about who I eventually end up with again. I have 7 grandchildren, the 3 oldest are 13 and they are trying their darndest to keep me up to date on some of the popular things folks do now days.

And to prove the ultimate in fogieness, I have no idea how to text message.

Yes, me as well and I am 46. When I look at the cover of People Magazine most often I have no idea who these people are.

I’m only 32, but I’ve given up trying to keep up. I hardly even care about stuff I liked before, such as Reddit and this message board.

Twitter, I have an account, but don’t use it. Facebook, myspace and all of that jazz, the same. I tried playing video games, but just couldn’t get into it. I’d rather program or write than play a game or watch TV.

I’m already chasing people off my lawn and I’m not even middle aged yet.

ETA, I’m also usually ahead of the curve, as they say, but I’m in IT and love technology in general. I should say I’m aware of stuff, but not “INTO” it. In other words, I heard about the iPhone long before it was released, from fellow computer science students, but still to this day don’t have one myself.

I’m 59, and with you. Socially with drawn? I don’t think so, although I assume I’d be socially inept if I tried to hang with younger people.