Old, old news: The right way to pee in a urinal

Serious science imitates The Straight Dope!

These researchers seem to think they’re onto some original groundbreaking science. Well, good science ought usually to begin with a review of prior research and literature, but these dudez seem to have omitted that effort-saving effort.

The best way to pee into a urinal, according to science
A team of physicists are on a crusade to make men’s restrooms less disgusting

Dudez! This is old material! Cecil himself sewed up this topic way back in May, 2003!
Urinal 101: Aim for the back wall or the water?

Uh, guys . . . that’s not news either.

Oh, wait. That’s just the journalist author of this article, Chris Gayomali, talking. I guess he would know that. We all know that right? (The 3-sentence biographical footnote makes clear that this Chris is of the phenotype who would know what happens when hands and penises join together.)

There is no right way to urinate! :eek:

To misquote Kipling:

Well, except that I’m sure there are more than 69 ways.

And most of them are wrong.

Poem here , for the curious:

It would be hard to aim a garden hose if the water pressure is at a constant rate of change from start to finish.