Old Star Wars Dance Record - or did I just imagine that?

When I was in grade school (early 80s), we would have a “dance” unit in PE. Our teacher would put on this record that had some of the theme music from Star Wars, along with different moves based on the movie. I don’t think it’s the Star Wars disco record, though I haven’t heard that whole thing.

All I remember for sure is that there was a move called the C-3PO, and one called the “combo clap” where you had to jump and clap at the same time. (:rolleyes: I know - we were like 6 years old!) Oh, and that I don’t like to dance to this day, and I blame that record fully.

Did I just nightmare this?

The only starwars record that I do remember is the disco/cantina version, and that was a squarish looking thing, as opposed to the circular 45, that we got in a magazine.


Star Wars and other Galactic Funk

One of the songs.

Ahh MECO… the memories… :rolleyes:

MECO also did a disco version of The Empire Strikes Back theme and a version of the Close Encounter of the Third Kind theme.

When I was a wee lass I had a record (like, LP record). I think it was Disco Duck, and the storyline on it was modeled after Star Wars. There were lots of groovy tracks. I had another Disco Duck record with covers of the Village People. Or maybe that was the same record. And I’m not even sure it was Disco Duck, because when I search on Google and Amazon, all I get is some satire record and not a wacky cartoon hero. I’m so confused.

Irwin the Disco Duck! I hope my mom still has those records.

Just wanted to say that I currently have, in my possession, the 45s for both the Star Wars theme and The Empire Strikes Back theme by Meco. :smiley:

I’m pretty sure I think this is brilliant. Then again, I have a deep and shameless love of disco, as well as Star Wars.

Aaaand it’s out on CD.

…as is “Best of Meco”, with Meco-ed versions of other soundtracks.

(And yes, I do own both and secretly rock out to them from time to time. Don’t tell my neighbors.)

I have the LP. Bought it at a used record sale in a University of New Orleans auditorium when I was 16.

I have a CD somewhere called Space Themes, that has knock-offs of the Star Wars and other themes some of which like the unbeatable Close Encounters track that go into funky town.

What about Christmas In The Stars? I have no idea what the orginial release date was, but it was out on record long before it was recorded on cd 1996. I think my dad gave me a copy he taped off the long-gone record when I was five or so. The other side of the tape had a Muppets Christmas album I’ve never found again :frowning: (Bruce Springsteen and the muppets sang “run run rudolph” on it)

Oh wait, I’ve found out that Christmas in The Stars came out in 1980.

I seem to remember that the Close Encounters one was actually on the official soundtrack album <walks over to album collection and checks> Yup. Side one track one: Theme from “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”. is the funky, disco-ized version that got airplay back then. Oddly enough, though it’s listed on the disc, it’s NOT listed on the album jacket - the first track listed there is #2 on the album - Main Title and Mountain Visions.

He did an album of music from the Wizard of Oz that I thought was far superior to his Star Wars material. I used to have it on 8-track. Naturally, it was split up into four pieces on the 8-track version. There was one song from the album that was on his greatest hits CD, but I’m waiting for the whole thing to be released. I would love to hear it all in one continuous piece without all the track jumps.

I think I might have the largest collection of Meco records known to man, I’ll bet I have 5 or 6 LP’s anyway, they made great backgrounds for my radio show.


Hrm. Now that I listen to it, I think you’re right. Maybe our teacher just played that and shouted commands at us over top of it.

Combo clap!

My father, quite possibly one of the un-hippest people in the history of the universe (thanks for the genes, Dad!) bought the Meco Star Wars and Other Galactic Funk album back in 1978 or so. We lived in Germany and the closest any of us had gotten to seeing Star Wars was the Holiday Special. Of course, being in first grade, my friends and I thought that was pretty cool. So Meco got a lot of play in our house. We’ve still got the LP somewhere.

MECO is available on I-Tunes.:slight_smile:

My oldest brother has our 45 collection which includes those two wonders. I have them on my Zune.