Old threads showing up in latest posts without any actual new posts

This thread is showing up on my “Latest” thread list with the activity column showing “22h” ago - but when I opened the thread I was surprised to find that the most recent post in the thread was from 2013? Any idea what causes this? Was there some spammer posting in the thread and then having their post deleted?

I’ve seen this happen a few times recently, so not sure if this is becoming a more common issue. Is there any way for Discourse to show the latest activity excluding deleted posts?

Spammer. Once the post is removed, the thread is not reset to the time of the (now ) last post(unlike under VBulletin).

We can reset the Timestamp of the thread, but not the specific post unfortunately.

Why not just add a post of your own (or edit the spam post, replacing the text there) with your own words saying “Thread revived by spam post, deleted.” or similar?

This has been suggested in the past (several times, I think). Does this happen often enough to be burdensome for the mods to do?

I haven’t kept track of how many olds threads it happens to, but we do get a lot of spam and we also often delete spammers which then automatically deletes their posts. We would have to do additional work to track down their posts and examine the threads to see if it needs a note. That’s a fair amount of additional work when we’re clearing out all of the morning spammers.

Threads can also be revived with no posts if a moderator decides to add a tag for some reason.