Old-time celebrities in WB cartoons

They aren’t shown as often as the standards featuring Bugs Bunny et al. nowadays, but Warner Brothers came out with several cartoons in the 30s and 40s satirizing big celebrities of the day. I can recognize some figures like Frank Sinatra (ohhh! Fraaankie!) and Bing Crosby, but others are unfamiliar. One in particular has always baffled me: there’s some dusky, bug-eyed Italian guy with a bushy moustache that always says, “Ohhhh yes!” and then some witty comment on a situation. (At least I assume that he’s the stereotype of a Italian or some other Mediterranean type.) Can anyone tell me who this guy was?

I remember one cartoon where there this guy was portrayed as a little worm with a moustache who goes down into a river on a fishing hook and has a fight with a crab. He loses the fight and is pulled up by the fisherman, who turns out to be the Italian guy himself, who says, “Ohhh yes! Embarassing, isn’t it?” Even if you don’t know who he was, does anyone at least remember this cartoon?


From the Warner Brothers Cartoon Companion


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Wow, that’s quite a link. It explains a lot of characters and catch phrases that I hadn’t even thought to wonder about. Thanks, TT.


Cecil Adams is mentioned under “drowning.”

Wow Doug, and I thought I had no life. :wink: