Old TV Show "Science Fiction Theatre"

No, notthe recent (5 years ago) parody show, This was a serious TV show…I believe it aired around 1959 or so. Anyway, it would be fun to watch some of these shows, and see how many predictions turned out right!
Is this show available on disk/DVD?

I’m reasonably sure that it has never been released to any video medium.

Oh, but there are a few copies of some eps floating around. Yes sirree. I can guarantee you.

Unfortunately, the several that I have are still packed up “somewhere” in my video collection that I have not unpacked since I moved last year.

It was rerun on the Sci-Fi Channel a few years ago. The only episode I remember that might qualify was about a doctor directing a remote operation by another doctor with a tv signal bounced off the moon (or maybe a satellite). Of course, they didn’t originate the idea.

As a kid I had seen the show when it was originally run in the 50s. Seeing the reruns I noticed there were many episodes about pseudoscience such as ESP, telekinesis, the health benefits of royal jelly from bees, and reincarnation.

I remember this show, didn’t each episode usually begin with a scientific demonstration by the host that related to the plot? I remember one about some Marfa Lights-type UFO’s with a demo showing how headlights could be refracted back to earth. There was another one about a frozen baby mastodon that was reanimated, I think they demonstrated some species of frog that could survive freezing.

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