Olean, the fake fat [Olestra] & your butt

Early information on Olean was that sometimes it would produce ‘involuntary anal discharge.’ However, at Oleans’ home they state:
February 16, 1999 A new study in the Annals of
Internal Medicine: “Clinically meaningful or
bothersome gastrointestinal effects are not
associated with unregulated consumption of olestra
corn and potato chips in the home.”

Great. So I went and bought some Fat Free Pringles potato chips [about 450 calories a tall can and no fat] and ate them all. Taste like the regular ones.
Seemed to process alright.

However, they seem to leave a weird residue down there. Anyone else try this stuff and get any weird effects in the discharge department the next day or so?

Did they make you “deathly ill”?

::ducking and running, VERY fast::


(I’m kidding Diane! I’m kidding!)

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I’ve tried several of the “WOW” products. No diference in taste or digestion. It’s the price I have a hard time swallowing. Almost twice the price of the chips made out of good old fat!

Oh, I didn’t look at the price.

I did read some on their web page where they stated it was a real oil and that it would go thru your system as such and come out as such.

So, that residue is actually Olean in its pure form. gross.

That junk DOES give you digestion problems, I ate some chips with that evil olestra crap and that is just what I did…crap. I subsenquently missed work due to ill effects. We recently got a free sample of the WOW chips that got thrown away of course, but not before we read the disclaimer on the package which said something to the effect of may cause severe abdominal cramping, diarrhea, gas, etc.

Eat at your own risk!

One of the major side effects in the early reports was…and these are the words… "anal leakage.

Since Olean supposedly passes through without absorption, you can expect anything you excrete to come out, er… lubricated.

I noticed no internal complaints from my body (cramps, bloating, etc.), but it definitely was a whole lot easier (and maybe a little bit messier) taking a dump. If that’s the only price I have to pay for fat-free goodies, I’m all for it!

As for the few people who had trouble digesting Olean, there will always be ingredients in products that some people will find objectionable.

Many people (including me) have trouble with lactose, but I don’t hear anybody crying foul and suggesting that dairy companies remove lactose from their products. The last time I checked a milk carton, I saw no lactose warnings. It’s not even listed as an ingredient, but it can sure do some evil things to us lactose pansies.

One potential problem with Olean/Olestra is that it will absorb beta carotene (which is fat soluable) and take it out of your system.

The same problem existed with fat soluable vitamins, but now they pre-load the stuff so it doesn’t absorb any more.

They decided not to pre-load beta carotene, because it positive effects weren’t universally accepted.

My question is, am I missing out on the beta carotene that I would normally get from just the pringles, or is it sucking out the beta carotene from everything I ate the whole day?

Critics say olestra tends to block absorption of vitamins and nutrients called carotenoids, and that that deficiency could lead to heart disease, cancer or blindness.

This is only the case for those nutrients that happen to be in your digestive system at the same time as Olean. Since most of us don’t have a habbit of munching on broccoli or carrots when we’re stuffing ourselves full of potato chips, I don’t see how that could lead to any kind of deficiency.

So do your junking in between meals (like you’re probably already doing), and don’t skimp on the dinner time veggies.

Swell Opus. The fiber from those veggies creates quite a dump and then the olean lubrigates it so that it comes out quick?

Almost a symbiotic relationship between waste products, wouldn’t you say?

Am I the only one who found that the Olean chips had a somewhat metallic aftertaste? I won’t eat them because of it. Only had one or two so I can’t comment on the anal leakage bit.

I had TWO fat-free pringles and was socked with the worst cramping, gas and diarrhea of my life. Luckily we have separate bathrooms…

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Now that this discussion has degenerated to the level it has, I can feel comfortable asking a related question.
It used to be a common belief that eating cheese would cause you to “bind up”. In other words, constipate you. I eat a lot of cheese but I’ve never noticed a change in bowel function.

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I love cheese; it does me no harm as long as I am prepared for the lactose monster. You also need to keep a reasonably active lifestyle, as I’ve heard that certain cheeses can be cholesterol & fat-laden. Cheese is also a no-no for people with chronic indigestion or Gastroesophageal reflux disease (acid reflux).


Don’t forget about one of the other reported side effects: fecal urgency

I think the term says it all…

My mom used to say something similar, but like you, I never had a problem either. I tend to eat fairly large amounts of dairy (milk, cheese, ice cream, butter) and have not expierenced any digestive problems.