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If you haven’t tried the WOW! brand snacks that are fat-free (for the most part), and you are a snacker, they’re worth a try.

There is a long list of disclaimers on them of various types of afflictions that can (supposedly) arise.

I can definitely report that after extensive research, not of them have happened to me.

My only complaint is that they (as well as other snack foods) are just a little too salty for my taste.

BTW, IMHO the people who came up with the “possible” side effects are the same ones who called popcorn cooked in coconut oil “a hearless killer.”

Ah… another “ALL CAPS” topic/oily discharge thread/“hearless killer” post…

Who says variety is the spice of life…

I love WOW! chips and buy them a lot of Sunday afternoon football snacking. By the way, they are spelled WOW! (all caps) so that’s probobly why he typed the topic that way :slight_smile:
If you’re sensitive to Olestra, you may get a different WOW! feeling from these chips. A friend of mine is horribly sensitive to it, and I took great pleasure in serving them to him one Sunday. Never a dull moment in our house :slight_smile: (Believe me, he would do the same to me)

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My husband and I love WOW! chips :slight_smile: And, to this day, we haven’t suffered any of the possible side effects.

Ok, one day I got brave (ie, stupid) and snacked upon WOW! chips and prunes in the same afternoon. 'Nuff said.

But other than that, we’ve not suffered any problems and really like them. They taste a lot better than the baked versions of chips.

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sure WOW! has no fat, but what is the point of snaking; to enjoy yourself.
besides, I think that WOW! chips have a nasty, thick aftertaste. Especially BBQ.

I like them, and I buy them occasionally as a treat. But if I have more than about an ounce of them, I DO have the gastric unhappiness that the warnings say sometimes occurs. It’s not pleasant, so I generally stop with the one ounce.