Unusual (?) snack you love

I suppose “unusual” is all a matter of perception, but let us proceed…

I love tonic water with pretzels or crackers. There’s something about the contrast of bitter with salty that just tastes good to me. I also like Coke with pretzels. I’m told that pretzels also go well with pineapple juice but I haven’t tried that combo yet.

I meant snacks, plural!


For some reason a cup of tea goes down extremely well with a korma. The tea’s washing away of the spicy taste is very nice.

lately I’ve been snacking on salted celery, and not for health reasons.

Banana chips.

I hate bananas but love banana chips. I don’t know why.

The Chinese grocery is a great source of bizarre but delicious snack food. I like to eat seaweed as a snack, in the form of nori or the shredded kind (and my cat Maceo likes to share it with me). They sell these blocks of salted tamarind fruit which is nice and sour/tangy. Also, I just got these fruit roll up snacks from the that are made out of hawthorne (I imagine it’s a berry). They’re really yummy.

Turkey sandwhich with BBQ sauce. I found this out with my brother, trying to make odd, yet very tasty foods.

BTW, pretzels and pineapple juice are good.

Tomato on dense wheat bread with mayonnaise and black pepper
Thinly sliced garlic on buttered pumpernickel
Rice with milk and cinnamon
Pretzel sticks dipped in sour cream or bleu cheese dressing

I really like orange flavored chocolate. Every few years I lose my mind and think chocolate chip cookies dipped in orange juice would be a wonderful thing. Yech.

Plain, uncooked red capsicums. I love them.

Vegemite on Saos (a dry, cracker-like biscuit). The ultimate comfort food.

Does cocktail sauce with fried okra count as a snack?


Pizza crust (the edge) with honey?

Frozen orange. Mmmm.

Dry cereal, such as museli in a cup. Also mmm.

Chicken salad with DoritosTM. Rather good.

Anything with Doritos is good. My only problem is that they changed the name to make it more commercial. I preferred their old moniker: “ambrosia.”

Anyone else put Doritos and other corn/potato chips on sandwiches? Yum.

Extra-sharp New York cheddar cheese and Spicy V-8 juice.

I gotta agree with you there. I love stuffing some of those big hard sourdough pretzels in my mouth, the pouring in some coke and letting the pretzel disolve before swallowing.

Lobsang, what is korma?
Aes, do you like dried banana? If so, with or without sulfur or sweetening?

Boiled peanuts.

Fried chicken livers.

St. Louis gooeybutter.

Colby slices and hot sauce.

I’ve never found another person who ate this product, although the fact that it is still found in groceries stores leads me to believe somebody does. It is a Swedish rye bread that comes in a flat round about the size of an record album. It’s called knackebrod (put a pair of dots over both the “a” and the “o”), and we always pronounced it with a hard “k”. The brand most commonly found in stores is Siljans, but when I was growing up, there was another brand and it was harder and crunchier than the Siljans. Here’s a website that has a picture: the noisiest bread in the world. Although some people call it crispbread, it is much better than the Wasa crackers or other ryecrisps I’ve seen for sale.

Anyway, this stuff is an excuse to eat butter. I’ll eat a third to a half a round just slathered with butter, or, if I think I should be healthier, some soft cheese like halvarti or farmer’s. Just about anything goes well on top of it, since is has a very mild flavor–my Mom likes her’s with peanut butter and my grandfather (the Swede) put honey on it. Man, I almost bought some today, now I wish I had!!

I’m going to freeze one tonigt (or morning), but another frozen fruit I love is frozen grapes. I prefer frozen green grapes. Mmmmmmmmmm…

Frozen grapes are wonderful. :smiley: So is BBQ sauce on turkey, but then I have a problem with misusing condiments I like. Veggie cream cheese on cinnamon raisin bread isn’t nearly as unorthodox as my mom would have you believe. :rolleyes: :stuck_out_tongue: