Olie olie ox in free!!!

When I was a kid, in the summer and after dark, all the neighborhood chillins would play “hide and go seek” outside. We’re talking 20 kids or more in a gigantic game. When the first kid was “caught” without touching home base he was out. To let everyone else in the game know that someone was out and that they could come out from hiding we would yell the above.

How many other people did this and what does it mean??

It’s “all the, all the outs in free”, to tell them it’s safe to come in.

You have a cite for that?

Where I grew up it was “Ollie Ollie Oxen Free” also.

Google to the rescue again! Though there seems to be some disagreement.



Take Our Word For It Issue 89 (about 2/3 down)

Here ya go

I agree with Cecil though, Naked Twister is much funner.

Cecil knows best:


Wretched newbie beat me to the @#% #%^ #%^& %^&!!! Oh, I mean…uhhhhh…::D&R::


Ahhh…the infamous “::D&R::” Stupid smilies…

You should rename this thread “Watch Cisco make a complete ass out of himself” It’s way past my bedtime, and I apologize for that.

When I was a kid, many moons ago, that’s what WE USED TO SAY. What can I tell you?? You guys must be spring chickens or something and over the years it got changed to the oxen thingie.