Cecil, you're wrong on "ollie ollie oxen free"


The phrase that gets slurred by very young kids while playing Hide and Seek, when there is a winner and everyone out hiding needs to come in to start a new game is, “All in. All in. All outs in free.”

I forgot to put in the link to the column, and I got an error trying to edit my original message… http://www.straightdope.com/classics/a900622a.html

Welcome, **Cobra[/b[. Thanks for including the link, which many new posters do NOT.

You might find it interesting to read five previous threads which concern the column.

I’ll post the link.

If you think you know the true answer, you should provide some proof.

OK Doubting Thomas, I might not have got the phrase exactly verbatim by memory to what many think, but read the Webster Dictionary website:

or Random House Dictionary website:

I can testify that, in central Maine in the 50’s, it was “All-y, all-y outs in free.”

That’s the way I remember it, Ally Ally Outs In Free. Not that that means anything.

Cobra. Sorry if I sounded off on my first post.

I don’t see where you and Cecil are disagreeing with each other.

You said

Cecil said in his column

Where’s the controversy?