Olives and anchovies

that’s what I’ve got, a container of big green olives stuffed with anchovies. I was planning on throwing a few in our salads over the next couple of days, but is there anything else in particular I can make with them? Pasta, maybe?

chop them mix with cream cheese and use as a spread.

Chop 'em up, fry 'em with a bit of red chile peppers (fresh or flakes), garlic, olive oil until fragrant, add some crushed tomatoes and you have a make-shift puttanesca sauce. Add some capers, and you’ve got a pretty legit puttanesca.

Also, if you just puree the olives and anchovies with some olive oil, you basically have a type of tapenade. Once again, bonus points if you add capers. Serve spread over crostini/toasted bread. Or, follow flaming yawn’s suggestion of mixing with cream cheese.

Puttanesca sauce, that’s what I was trying to think of. But first, tapenade! Wish I had some cream cheese, maybe tomorrow.


Martinis. Anchovy stuffed olives really perk up a martini. You’re welcome.

Sounds like the perfect meal…

[li]Martini with anchovy stuffed olive[/li][li]Appetizer of olive and anchovy tapenade[/li][li]Pasts puttanesca[/li][/ul]

Man that would be a dinner I’d pay serious cash money for!

Works for me. What time should we be there?

:stuck_out_tongue: pretty salty stuff! You can all leave with a liter of Polar seltzer water, your choice of flavor.

I may put the olives and anchovies on pizza, with some green peppers. I get so weary of pepperoni-n-sausage I could barf.