left-over anchovies - what to do with them?

I tried a recipe last night that called for some anchovy fillets, but not the whole tin. The remainder is now chilling in the fridge. Any suggestions on what I can make with about 4 anchovy fillets?

Toss them in your next salad. They add some zing to any type.

Tapenade. Since it’s a dip/spread, you can adjust the recipe for a smaller amount of anchovies.

Implant their genes into some third world kids, and sell the resulting oil to robots.

Puttanesca sauce

“Sicilian-style” Potato Salad:

A small serving of Bagna Cauda. Just don’t plan on kissing anyone for a day or two. Soooo good.

Make a little anchovy butter and enjoy it on bread.

Caesar salad dressing

Chop them up and add them to any tomato sauce.

Personally I can’t imagine ever using only a partial tin of anchovies. It’s one of those incomprehensible phrases like “don’t like chocolate” or “too much garlic.”

Boil some white or red small potatoes until they’re tender, and place a couple on your plate. With the bottom of a glass, crush the potatoes slightly so that they’re broken open but not completely mashed up. Lay crosswise on each potato a couple of anchovies plus a dribble of the olive oil in which they were packed. Easy and yummy, with the added benefit that the simplicity of this lets the anchovy goodness shine with no competing flavors.

Strangely, the issue of leftover anchovies something I have yet to experience. But when I’m using anchovies I’ll sometimes (OK, usually) ‘steal’ a couple and eat them right out of the tin. Ir I’ll open a tin and eat them with Knackebrod.


They would make a fine addition to a salad. I usually find them a bit strong-tasting if I get a whole one, so I usually chop them up into pieces and add them in.

Or, you could make a vinaigrette salad dressing in a food processor with them, but I don’t know how much flavor only four anchovies would impart.

Add them to your next pizza.

Even though Mollie katzen was a vegetarian cook, she did one recipe for spaghetti sauce that had them. If you are interested I could look it up.