I read a some disparaging remarks about anchovies in the Green Goddess thread. Hence, this poll.

Anchovies are a must-have on frozen pizza. Also restaurant/take-out pizza, but I know that others don’t like them so I don’t insist. I’ll eat them right out of the tin, though I’ll eat them with knäckebröd if I have any knäckebröd.

Don’t like the bones, but mash 'em up and smear over any sort of toasty bread? Yes, please

Anchovies can add zip to a pasta sauce. If you chop the anchovies coarsely and saute them, they will disintegrate. When you add the sauce to this, the bits of anchovy will distribute throughout the sauce, adding a meaty, savory quality that is different from the taste of anchovies by themselves.

You just reminded me that I purchased anchovies for my green goddess dressing, and then totally forgot to add them.

I am quite sure I can find another use, as I happen to like them.

I’ve been know to order double anchovies on my pizza and to have eaten them straight from the can.

Salty, fishy goodness… yummmmmmmm!

Couldn’t vote. Never had them. Doesn’t ever really come up as an option for me. I’d have to specifically burn some calories to get some.

Ever had Worcestershire sauce? :wink:

(No, that doesn’t actually count. Just sayin’.)

I was somewhere between “can take 'em or leave 'em” and “like them”. I went with “like them” because I do but I also don’t go out of my way to have them.

I love them. Any kind is good but some of the fancier imported European kinds packed in lots of infused olive oil are really good. I can see why many people wouldn’t like the pizza topping kind but most people have never had the better quality ones and might like those.

Are anchovies really a common pizza topping anywhere? Many pizza places around here don’t even have them available. My mother called in a jalapeño and Anchovy pizza to Pizza Hut once and they hadn’t even made it when we went to pick it up because they thought it was a joke order. They never made that mistake when we ordered it from then on. We didn’t even have to say our name.


Yes, but I like them deep fried Indonesian style, known as ikan bilis.

My husband loves to eat them straight from the can, spread on toast. Me, not so much, but I do think they’re an essential kitchen ingredient to have on hand for adding a little something to sauces, salad dressings, or anything with tomatoes, really.

I love 'em. I would gladly pay one jillion dollars for the last surviving tin if it ever comes to that.

I never had them until I was an adult; I don’t dislike them, but after I heard my husband call them “salty eyebrows,” I was done with them.

I love them, but it is hard to find someone else who does, so it is a rare treat to get a pizza with one.

I saw what you did there.

You’d probably just put them on a pizza … .

They taste like spoiled, undercooked bacon to me.

Take a teaspoon of butter and 5-7 anchovies. Heat it in a non-stick pan until the anchovies dissolve in butter. Throw a drained can of corn or a thawed bag of corn kernels into the pan and mix with the anchovy butter and cracked black pepper. It’s pretty awesome.

I noticed the same thing, and it brought back memories of great pizzas in the 60’s & 70’s when anchovies were still available as a topping. So I Googled around and discovered that anchovy pizza is one of the original Mediterranean preparations (no surprise there) but American tastes forced it out.

The consolation is that, while my co-workers are eating pizza topped with boneless buffalo wings or General Tsao’s bacon nuggets , I’m not a weirdo, just a traditionalist.

This. I’d try some if the thought ever occurred to me, but it hasn’t. I’ll have to seek them out sometime.